I have a new invention every homeowner in the world can use for storage...

This is an all new patented invention.  These are steel spring retractable brackets, that allow you to use your rafters in basement and garage for endless storage.  These simple do it yourself storage brackets will allow you to organize and clear up all your floorspace.  see two minute video to see more...  I am willing to work out a commission deal for sales rep.   http://www.uniquehomestorage.com  Check them out and call Tim 314-853-6715 I invented these in 2013, and then was in a motorcycle accident. I lost my leg so it has been all I can do to get these patented and ready to market. I have these brackets in stock, ready for retail. I wholesale for $ 7.99 per set. These hold boxes, up in between rafters and 4 brackets hold 14x48 inch shelves 8 inches below rafters, for plenty of storage. No more storage locker!!! revolutionary storage, you will see. hope to hear from you..You can use a fourteen by twenty four by twelve inch boxes, over two cubic feet per box.Leaky basement, sewer backups, using this system keep all items safe.

use for all holiday decorations,guns,poisons,hiding place,special tools,camping goods. We also have a closet rod for clothes. use single hanger for heavy clothes. Options are endless,and that doe's not include garage yet. 2x4 and 1x4s fit inside bracket for shelves in other places. These are the kind of brackets every homeowner in the world can use. I have not had the money since my accident to get an infomercial yet. I would also take on an invester who wan'ts to be set for life. I don't wan't to give up this invention. I don't wan't to get in to all the other things these brackets will do. I can tell you this, I find more and more everyday. I will be waiting to hear from a serious invester or sales rep or both. 

You know you can never have enough storage.  Sooner or later you are going to run out of storage.  That where these brackets come in to play.  They come with two brackets, nails, hardware and label.  I needed more storage and that's how all this started.  They have been tweeked and tweeked and now manufactured and ready for marketing.  Every homeowner can use these even if they can only fit a few.  One more thing you, will never buy things twice because you can not find something.  You will know where everything is.  You know what I mean, just think how much that will save the homeowner per year!!!  Tim McDonald
This article was published on 19.07.2016 by Tim Mcdonald
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