Increase Your MLM Gateway Connections With These Easy Steps

If you've been using MLM Gateway for any period of time, you may have noticed the importance of getting a lot of connections on here.

But, it takes a credit in order to get a connection, perhaps to avoid massive spamming.

So how can we increase connections, with a limited amount of credits?

Well in this business announcement I am sharing a few tips for you to increase connections on MLM Gateway, so you can begin getting better results from the platform.

Using Credits

Of course it's easy to get connections when you have the credit to spend.

I would highly recommend to use a lot of credits when you are new, and a specific amount throughout time.

Always use credits to get new connections.

But, this is what you must remember when spending credits for connections:

  • Connect with featured professionals, they are active
  • Never use a credit for a profile without at least a pic
  • Connect with any referrals you get (no credit needed)
  • Make sure they are active
  • Connect with people who have recently written a business announcement

The point is to be certain they are active, so the credit is not wasted.

If you're just blindly sending connection requests, you are more then likely loosing credits.

Comment On Business Announcements

From time to time, get into the business announcement page and read some content.

You will be able to not only connect with the author of the content, but if you leave a comment on a few announcements everyday, you'll see more people sending you connection requests.

The more you appear to the members, the more people will send you connection requests, and you build without using your own credits.

Make sure to leave a real comment, and DO NOT be the one who spams the comment section, it's really unattractive.

Write Business Announcements

If you are creating value based content here on MLM Gateway, your connections will grow.

People like to read content where they can get some good info, not join another business again.

If you write good content, on a regular basis, you'll see more connection requests being sent to you by other members.

The more you can get incoming, the faster you'll build your connection base here.

Ask For Connections

You can also ask people inside your business announcements for a connection request.

Just like you see below, you can do the same in your own content.

Or you can mention to people they can comment and ask you to send the request, and increase the connections that way.

I've had business announcements where 3 or 4 people wanted to connect, so I sent them a connection request.

Sometimes, others send the request to me.

Either way, ask for it, and you'll get it often.

Build Referrals

Outside of MLM Gateway, you can promote the program.

Doing so will get you referrals to the platform.

When someone joins MLM Gateway under you, you get a lot of credits to connect more with, and you can send the person who joined under you a request without using a credit.

So always connect with those who you referred.

Did This Help?

If you got value from today's announcement, be sure to leave a comment below.

Also, let's get connected!

If you wish, I will send you a connection request so we can continue sharing value with one another.

Or, just send me a connection request, so I will be updated when you do new activities!

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This article was published on 14.01.2019 by Jaye Carden
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