MLM for Fund and Profit

Here is an interesting idea that can change how well you do in MLM or an Affiliate Online Business...

Imagine having a retail store and having many different products to sell. If one of your products gets discontinued or you no longer want to carry it, would you be worried too much?

Most likely not, right? You will simply find another product to sell.

Well, similarly iClubBiz can be your MLM Platform/Store using the iWebaTool System. You simply lead with that and fill your Store with different MLM programs (or just 1 program if you like).

If you don't like any of the programs anymore, you simply replace them. iWebaTool has the Systems to promote any MLM.

You are NO LONGER tied to any program.

Guess what that also does for you? It gives you stability and a real business to go from, and your Team STAYS with you.

This is the power of iWebaTool from iClubBiz.

They even offer Co-op Advertising.

Watch the Presentation and Join Me Now to Build a Permanent Downline.

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Get Out of the MLM Rut

I know in MLM we usually don't talk about building a Permanent Downline, but don't you think it's time we started talking about that?

I mean look at most MLMers, they are in an MLM rut. They build a downline with a Company and they lose it, then they start with another Company and the same thing happens.

Also they keep jumping from Company to Company without having any kind of base to work from. This goes on and on and we keep building downlines and keep losing our people to other MLM Companies.

What if you could build a Team that would stay with you?! Yes, you can do exactly that with the iClubBiz.

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ICB family of companies. ICB is a group of individuals who cooperatively work together to create a better life through buying power, or a term we call… Crowd Clout.

iCB doesn’t pitch products or promote companies. iCB builds teams of people who buy stuff. And the bigger our team gets… the more buying power we’ll have… which allows us to get more products at a better price and the result is… EVERYONE WINS!

Click on the link to learn more about iCB's Companies.

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After you get a chance to get through

the short video, feel free to email me

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and I'll answer your questions with no hype.


This article was published on 03.05.2021 by Ray Leighton, MBA
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