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Who Wants to Be a 60-Minute Millionaire?

What Does it Mean to be a 60 Minute Millionaire?

What if you could make an extra $6,000 per month working just 60 extra minutes per day?

Would you do it?

Would you go all in and commit to putting in that extra effort once a day, every day, until you reached that goal?

Well, that’s what happened to me back in 2003 that made it possible for me to quit my day job. I simply clocked out at work. Went home and had dinner with my daughter. Then logged into my computer and spent an hour online building my side business.

Now, I definitely limited my time online to 1 hour per day because this was back in the days of dial-up. My town had no DSL at the time, and every minute online was a minute I paid for. If you’re too young to remember that time, that’s okay. Let’s just say, it was much more expensive to even have a home business than it is now. 

We are so lucky now. The internet is cheaper and the computers and digital marketing tools we have available are amazing, too. Right? 

So, what did I do in that 1 hour per day? 

I simply spent 1 hour every night logging into some websites and publishing ads, responding via email to the people who answered the ads, and maybe chatting with those people who were taking action.

Our ad was similar to this article. Basically a web page that offered serious people who were struggling on their own a chance to join a team of serious people who were dedicated to working together to always help the newest team members to to an earning position.

Because if you can help the newest person on the team make money ... everyone earns.

And when everyone earns, everyone buys their products every month and you don't have to constantly recruit to keep your income growing.

Teamwork really DOES make the Dream work!

Plus, here's something you never hear from gurus with big lists who can instantly recruit thousands of people into the latest, greatest opportunity: I'm going to send all my traffic to YOU.

Why are they not helping you? Because they are only thinking about their paycheck. Not your paycheck. 

And ... they know they can easily make more anytime they want by just promoting another offer ... to ... yeah, you know what I'm going to say ... you.

Instead, imagine NOT having to compete with the heavy-hitter recruiters who recruit, recruit, recruit instead of helping YOU?

Here's what that looks like. Instead of working by yourself building one business, we work together as a team to build 3 separate income streams, starting with income stream #1 (everything else is just extra).

You join income stream #1 as a free member and decide on your commitment level.

You receive a welcome letter from your sponsor with a checklist of what you need to do to get set up and ready to roll.

You let your sponsor know as soon as you've done those steps and they send you the next, so you are never overwhelmed by too many steps. We keep this super simple. 

Business #1 pays everyone in a 3x3 matrix, which means after you get 3 people your next referrals flow down to the next level and so on and so on. 

EVERYONE on our team ALWAYS advertises, but they stop advertising for themselves as soon as they have 12 personal COMMITTED team members (those who are no longer free and have taken action). Now their advertising is going to help their 12 COMMITTED team members get to 12 COMMITTED team members and so on and so on.

It looks like this: I get 12

I help them their their 12. 

All of us help those newest people get 12 each and so on.

So, instead of having 2187 people on level 7 competing with the 1092 people above them for new team members ... those 2187 people have their own advertising + the advertising of 1092 people going to work for them.

Finally, the people ABOVE you are actually working WITH you. Not just telling you what to do ... but sending ALL their additional traffic down to you, and then down to your people, and then down to their people, until EVERYONE is earning at the very bottom. 

So, you see why it's important for everyone to be able to go online every day for a year to make sure those newest people are TRULY getting help ... and not just left on their own ... ultimately to drop off.

Now, obviously, people take time for vacations and so on, but this is so easy you can do it from your smart phone. Copy. Paste. Publish.

Send out a couple emails. Done. 

So. Everyone on the team is committed to advertising daily ... AND ... all that traffic is helping those who need the help and not just lining the pockets of the people who are already profitable.

Of course, a system like this requires that people stop COMPETING with each other and start COOPERATING with each other. 

It requires a spirit of GENEROSITY and ABUNDANCE for all.

It requires people to be happy with the income they can get based on 12 SUCCESSFUL referrals who are able to do the same ... vs recruiting hundreds of people who can't figure out the system on their own.

That's what we did with the original 60-Minute Millionaire and that's what we are doing again.

People join our first opportunity for free.

We send them a checklist of what to do next. 

We ask people to:

Commit to a minimum monthly income goal of $6,000

Commit to advertising daily

Commit to personally recruit 12 committed people ASAP

Commit to sending their advertising down to those 12 people until they have 12 each and so on.

Commit to always helping the newest people on their team.

Because that is what it takes to ensure long term residual income: Helping the NEWEST person on the team.

Today, we are relaunching the exact same plan that helped me retire from my day job within 365 days of the day I started. 

Here’s how it works:

Every person who joins is sent a step-by-step checklist of what to do next.

When they complete those tasks, they are given the next checklist and so on.

This ensures no one is overwhelmed before they even get started. 

It also ensures that the person they enrolled under is actively helping them, and that they have the tools they will need to help the person who joins after them and so on and so on.

If working as a team to help everyone succeed sounds like something you'd like to do, please join us for free and we will get you started.

But, please before you do, ask yourself this:

Will I follow the system and help everyone who joins under me do the same? Will I commit 100% to work 1 hour per day marketing my business for the next 365 days? And, finally, when my monthly earnings are more than my minimum product purchase every month, do I promise NEVER to stop until I reach my income goal?

Because if you can’t commit to yourself, we can't trust you to help the newbies, and if EVERYONE doesn't help the newbies, this simply doesn't work. 

So, please only join our team if you are someone who wants to be part of a team working together to create massive overflow and income for everyone quickly.

Let's all stop competing and start cooperating!

This article was published on 22.10.2020 by Gayanna 'g' Magcosta
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