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I am very excited by the response from everyone since yesterday! I just spoke to my business partner, the leading associate with Sisel International, Steve Farr. There is so much to share to everyone about this opportunity, I don't know where to begin.

Natural supplements for health and wellness are one of the top products people are looking for - for themselves and for family. Especially products with no toxins, that are safe to use. Think abut the hundreds of dollars spent on vitamins and supplements to prevent or treat disease, counteract medication side effects and detoxify your body....then we step in the shower and lather with noxious chemicals, wash our hair with cancer causing agents, brush our teeth with poison and put animal by products and even more occlusive chemicals on our skin!  Our natural chemistry is not alkaline and the state of alkalosis is damaging to our tissues and prevents healing - yet we buy water with gimmicky tag lines based upon trendy pseudoscience that seems 'just enough scientifically feasible' that we invest in potentially damaging our health. Before I get too technical - let me share some of the key points that helped convince me to do this business...

  Sisel International – The Mower Mission

    Sisel International, was founded by Tom Mower who designed the corporate mission to create health, wealth, and happiness for Sisel’s distributors and consumers throughout the world, by providing life-giving products and success-oriented opportunities. He is devoted to the success of his products and distributors.

    Utilizing only evidence-based, high-performance ingredients, Sisel produces quality products that are known for being more powerful formulations over that that of any our competitors. The products are developed in Sisel’s state-of-the-art research and development laboratories. The products are also produced in our world-class manufacturing facility so they can be free from potentially harmful ingredients  or contaminants commonly found in any other brands. Remember, these include the nutritional supplements, and personal, skin, and hair care formulations. The Sisel Safe promise is to "help others greatly exceed expectations for life extension, youthful regeneration, anti-aging, abundant energy, and vibrant health".

   The advanced quality of our products combined with Sisel’s generous compensation plan means the greatest opportunity for everyone

We all know people who need to be healthier - but we know even more who need more income!

This is worth looking into - not only for the healthy products for your body and home which you will use anyway - but for the opportunity. Stop using toxic chemicals in your daily life for your body or home. Start using toxic free,  quality controlled products with thousands of journal articles and research that supports best practice. Then - Share the opportunity and products with others!

Cheryl L. Morgan, RN for more information. Let's set up a call for you with Steve Farr soon!

This article was published on 18.05.2016 by Cheryl Morgan
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