How To Execute The Perfect Blitz Period, And Succeed At Massive Signups

Ever considered doing a 30 day, 60 day, or even 90 day blitz?

Well, if you've never planned on one, then perhaps learning these benefits and how to do it will change your mind.

I've only done a 20 day blitz in my career, and it ranked me up in my company 4 levels in those 20 days.

As I plan my first 30 day blitz, I figured I'd share the tips I have that helped me before, and will be useful in my next one.

What Is A Blitz?

If you are not familiar with blitzing in MLM, let me explain what it is.

A blitz is where you really focus on nothing but contacting person after person, all day, for each day of the blitz.

It takes commitment, and is tough to stick it out. My 20 day was suppose to be 30, I only wish I hadn't got distracted or who knows, could of hit another level quickly.

You do nothing but work, and get as many people to see your business presentation as possible. Really a tiresome but rewarding effort.

Also, blitzing will fire up any downline as they see you getting results.

So let's look at how we can plan out a blitz, and be successful at keeping prospects looking into presentations.

The Setup And Plan

First you need to set up and plan it out.

You need a large list of prospects, and you need a way to keep them coming in.

There are a few ways to do this, and one of them is using genealogy leads like I used.

Genealogy leads are great, because you only deal with people who understand the industry. And some come with extra people of their own.

You can also use funding through advertising. But make sure your funds are enough to feed new leads into the plan. 

Or, like in my case, you can use both. I will be doing massive funding on several ad sources to increase new leads, and using genealogy leads to keep presentations going out the door.

Whatever you do, you must plan it out.

Set your schedule to be certain your time is focused only on making calls, and working with those interested.

If you deviate from your schedule, it will only weaken your results.

The First Contact

When you make your first contacts with these new prospects, this will be to see if they are open to looking at your business presentation.

This will be where you eliminate many.

So you will need to spend a lot of time in this stage to get to the ones who are a possibility in joining you.

Once you get a person who is open, you learn of a time when they can view the presentation and get back on the phone. Or you can do the presentation on the spot if open.

If you work hard on this step, you will only increase the amount of people who may join, leading you to the next piece of blitzing.

The Next Step

Then you need scheduled times for the follow up with interested prospects.

Here you will eliminate more of them, and of course be left with only the ones who sign up.

So the second step, or the follow up, is the most important part, and the final part.

The best way to schedule this, is as follows:

  • Lay out a schedule that is only for contacting leads, no need to schedule in follow up times.
  • As you meet people (since it's unknown at first) who are open, you then make a block in your schedule and get the prospect to commit to showing up at that time
So, actually, there is no need to find time to do follow ups until you get your first one.

The only reason you will not make any calls to new prospects, is when your entire day is filled with only follow ups and they all commit.

If a prospect doesn't show for follow up, you just simply get back to calling new leads in their place.

Can I Find People For This Long Of Time?


Using the MLM Recruit On Demand system, you can easily have prospects sent to you, all genealogy leads.

This will prevent any time being wasted on not having someone to reach out to.

The most important part of blitzing, is to keep calls moving at all times.

Aim to make more calls each day then the day before.

Massive action is the key to why blitzing can be so beneficial to any MLM business.

What Should I Expect?

Let's get a closer look into why blitzing is so beneficial.

First thing to know, is it most likely will take a few days of no results to begin seeing a result here and there.

If you maintain this, you will begin seeing a new signup almost everyday.

Keep the momentum, and you begin seeing a signup on everyday.

Keep continuing, and it becomes more than just one a day.

But if your last month produces just 3 a day for 30 days. That's 90 in one month.

I personally got 24 in my 20 days, so no telling what will be the case this next time.

Will You Plan A Blitz?

If you would like to do a blitz and build a team fast, then leave me a comment below and let me know.

Also, shoot me over a connection request, and we can stay in touch throughout yours and my blitz to see how it pans out.

Having someone for support really helps in the part of blitzing when you get just so burned out and need to keep moving!

Want Me To Place The Blitz Signups Under You?

If you want to receive these signups as your own team members, then take the free tour below. I will be putting a lot of new signups into the team, and you can even get to see if I am successful at it or not. If I am, it can also lead to a lot of income for you as well if you take this tour

This article was published on 13.11.2018 by Jaye Carden
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L.B. Hasan Once again, Jaye, nothing but FIRE!!! I am going to do me a blitz. What a concept. I am developing my plan as we speak. Thank you such an Awesomre piece of wisdom!  1 year ago

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