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Im so excited and passionate about my company and what we have to offer, spirulina has quite literally changed my life, my immune systems is completely in check, my gut is healing me from the inside out, my energy levels have increased oh and did I mention i weight train and walk up the stairs the next day. 

You’ve probably all heard of probiotics and prebiotics but they are not all created equally, most lose their potency before they even make it to your gut, we have the most revolutionary products to go to market fully patented so we know no one else has the formula, also all of our spirulina is made using vertical farming which ensures no environmental pollution and is the absolute cleanest and purest form  

Did you know that your gut is your second brain and most illness Starr there, for me healing myself from the inside out has been a game changer, our unique microbiome also slows the causation of fat cells so helps to shrink the unwanted muffin top. I haven’t lost any weight but have gone down 2 dress sizes and the only change I’ve made is these products and adding in some weight lifting

We have also have a range for skin care, have you ever heard of a face serum that if you really wanted to you could eat,  I know why would you but i just means it’s that pure. 

The final icing on the cake is our range of animal care products, we has team mates that give absolutely swear by these products for their dogs and horses 

And there’s the opportunity itself, being part of this team is like having a second family we are so lucky to have access to all the leaders in the business not only are they there for us one to one they also offer us the most Incredible training weekly, we have 2 groups that we are able to plug people into for both products and networking itself. We literally have everything. 

To say I’m grateful is an understatement, having one of kind products is so important when you’re in the health and wellness business, it allows is to stand out in all the noise and offer something truly unique 

I’d love to share my passion with yo

This article was published on 03.03.2022 by Nicola Parker
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Xelliss - Health and wellness, 175 USD to join

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