The Onecoin cryptocurrency landscape is in constant state of expansion as brand new cryptocurrency innovate on blockchain technology and develop business opportunities with the power of the blockchain. At Onecoin.eu, we take pride in supporting new members to established cryptocurrency education, providing you with an ever-growing Onecoin value @ our trading platform and mining opportunities. We conduct training, schooling and motivation in our team ensuring that our business partners have the information they need to learn the secrets of trading, investing and profiting from crypto-currency.

"Digital currency is smart currency, designed to eliminate the middleman from transactions. It eliminates the need for banks, eliminates credit card fees, money transfer fees, and reduces the need for lawyers in transactions... if you are in business these benefits alone will put more profit in your pocket" ~Tom McMurrain- Founder of DigitalCoin Millionaire

OneCoin offers financial education on the newest hybrid cryptocurrencies available in marketplace. It partners with the Aurum coin digital currency and employs the latest cryptographic technology and security standards. Students of the program are taught how to mine for the particular virtual currency and given tokens to practice their new skills with other members.

This aspect of onecoin is called buy low and sell high. You simply become a miner into the educational packages of onecoin in order to partake in the mining process of the company with a target of hitting 2.1b coins before launching to the public for use and exchange. This part of onecoin allows you to take advantage of the increase in the exchange rate of coins over time. This is purely passive and has nothing to do with your network system or building. Being passive requires: No Selling, No Referring, No Recruiting, and No Networking.

 You do not have to do any other thing to EARN – Why? The idea behind Bitcoin was to buy low and sell high. That is exactly what happened with Bitcoin.
In 2009, the price of each Bitcoin was just $0.10 and come 2013, it costs more than $1100 a piece. If you have 1000 Bitcoins as at that time, you could have earned $1.1 Million. OneCoin is just starting. I cannot stress more that today is the best day to get involve with another successful cryptocurrency in the making. You are at the forefront of something BIG. Time is everything – Take advantage of it!

However, you can get the watch some of our youtube video clips to get more clue to the concept of Onecoin Cryptocurrency. here are some link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceXpMPajvgQ

You can also lock in your position by signing in for free Rookie account to have access to the back office of one coin here www.onecoin.eu/signup/Dollarain

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This article was published on 08.06.2016 by Ukpor Peter Okori
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