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Website :

Started : March 2015

Program Owner : Uday Nara from Singapore

Price: Below are the Membership Details :

1. Beginner (Free Membership) ( Can purchase from Adpack Plan1 : $5 Adpack , 100 Adpacks Max limit)

2. Explorer ($10 per month) ( Can purchase from Adpack Plan 1 & Plan 2 : $10 Adpack, 100 Adpacks Max limit)

3. Professional ($30 per month) ( Can purchase from Adpack Plan 1, Plan 2 & Plan 3 : $25 Adpack, 100 Adpack Max Limit) and

4. Elite ($60 per month) ( Can purchase from any Adpack Plan 1, Plan 2, Plan 3 and Plan 4 : $50 Adpack , Unlimited Max Limit).

My Joining Date: Nov 2015

My Deposits : 19th April 2016 – $100

My Withdrawals : $100 withdrawn as of 19th July 2016

Maximum Withdrawals per day : $200

Approximate per Day earnings per Share : 1%-2% daily

Repurchase Ratio : No Forced Repurchase Rule

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My Opinion as on :

20/09/2016: MPA is doing well and withdrawals through Payza are still very fast (takes less then 24 hrs). MPA is still my no.1 recommended Rev Share.

01/09/2016 : My Paying Ads (MPA) owner Mr. Uday has made a change to the Program. He has now included Monthly Membership Fees for those who are interested in purchasing Adpacks from 1st September 2016 onwards. If you have already purchased Adpacks and do not want to pay this Membership Fees, then your adpacks will continue to earn as before but the only difference is that you will not be able to purchase new adpacks. Below given are the different Memberships:

1. Beginner (Free Membership)

2. Explorer ($10 per month)

3. Professional ($30 per month) and

4. Elite ($60 per month)

The important Points to note regarding the memberships:

a) These are monthly memberships and need to be manually renewed every month.

b) No referral commissions are offered on Membership purchases of downline members.

c) The membership fees have to be paid with only the payment processor and not with account balances.

d) For making purchases from Ad-pack plan 1, you do not need any membership. Free members can buy adpacks of up to 100 from ad-pack plan 1 without the need of any membership.

e) Explorer members can be able to buy adpacks from ad-pack plan1 and plan 2, respectively.

f) Professional members can be able to buy adpacks from ad-pack plan1, plan2 and plan 3, respectively.

g) Elite members can be able to buy adpacks from ad-pack plan1, plan2, plan 3 and plan 4, respectively. Therefore, you need to choose the membership type depending on the kind of adpacks that you like to make purchases of.

h) The withdrawal limits are same for all 4 types of members (the minimum withdrawal is $5 and the maximum withdrawal per day is $200).

i) All your current and earlier adpacks continue to receive the earnings irrespective of your membership type.

24/08/2016: Everything fine with MPA. Withdrawals via Payza are still fast with a waiting time of less than 24 hrs. Owner and Admins are very active on facebook.

10/08/2016: Finally all the frozen funds in Paypal has been credited to MPA member’s accounts which is another plus point for MPA management team. The setback which MPA members received due to Paypal Blunder is finally over and behind all of us now. Moving forward, MPA seems to be again gathering steam and is at present the No.1 Revenue Share Program in the Industry.

20/07/2016 : 2 months after depositing $100 in MPA, i have withdrawn $100 and will be compounding the profit that i have earned. At present I feel that MPA is the only safe and reliable Revenue Sharing Program still running on the Internet. Many such copycat programs popup everyday promising unbelievable returns but ultimately scam away with everyone’s money.

01/05/2016 : It has been approximately 10 Days since i joined MPA and i have already earned $23 on my $100 deposit. I have Compounded my earnings and achieved this without Referral Commissions. (Screen Shot of my earnings has been posted below) .

How can MPA pay me $23 on a deposit of $100 in 10 days???

This is because MPA is having around 1,50,000 members buying Ad Packs and new members joining everyday. And also, MPA has become popular because the owner (Mr Uday Nara) is trustworthy.

In fact MPA was doing very well until Paypal, the most popular and commonly used Payment Processor in the World suddenly had a change of Management and change of policies. Without any prior intimation Paypal decided that it did not want to do business with Revenue Share Companies and froze the funds of My Paying Ads. The frozen funds will be released after 180 days (5th of July 2016) and MPA will credit all the members accounts. After this, the existing members can start purchasing Adpacks and receive Share earnings once again.

The New MPA program has been designed to last for a long time but the main challenge right now for Uday and MPA is winning back the trust of the existing members after what happened with Paypal. According to me, MPA should be able to bounce back from this issue when the existing members receive their Blocked Paypal funds on the 5th of July 2016.

MPA has been the most trusted Rev Share in the industry till now and I do not see any reason why anything is going to change in the near future. But in the Rev Share Industry you have to be very careful and alert because things can change very quickly.


This article was published on 25.09.2016 by Freddy Zhong
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