A Mama on a Mission to Health&Wealth Welcome to the Q Revolution!!

When I started my Journey with Q everyone said I was crazy �But I had done my homework for MONTHS and I just KNEW this was going to change my family’s life! 

And let’s face it those that know me know when I get something in my head it’s happening � 

All jokes aside this is Why I chose Q so that I can spend precious moments with my Peanut! Nothing better then a beautiful day at the park! These Products are Plant based and backed by Science!!! Vegan, Gluten Free, NonGMO and changing lives DAILY!!! 

My husband has always been a sceptic about network Marketing until he saw them writing checks to pay our credit cards!!! There are no flashy cars over here just a Financial Freedom Movement like no other!!!! Are you ready to take control of you finances once and for all?!! Qs Compensation Plan is literally mind blowing and I would LOVE to share it with you!!!!! 

If you EVER thought about starting up a side gig or even want to push hard enough to make it a full time gig it’s possible...ANYTHING is possible!!!! 

And Guess what?!! I have a secret!!!! ��

Rumor has it we are About to drop a life changing billion dollar product line......think HEMP + youthful skin � 

And let me tell you!!! I just got back from  leadership event at our home office and I am still mindblown at what is coming our way!!!! So who is ready to RUN with me!!!! 

No charts.

No boxes.

No customer commitments.

No monthly fees.

Bonuses paid in huge chunks

 (No years of drawn out small payments)

Promotions on volume ALONE! 

You hit a volume = you promote

Company growth of 1,200% 

Fastest growing team in company.

100% money back guarantee on all products��

It’s a win win folks ���

Know your comp plans!!! I’ve studied sooooo MANY!! Ours is by far the simplest and most efficient I’ve ever seen. So if your goal is to make $$, we should chat. When you’re tired of making way less than the charts tell you that you should be making...talk to me! �� � � There’s no harm in just learning if my company would pay you more for your hard work (I’m confident they will)!!!! 

PS.......And..it doesn’t hurt that everyone wants our products that we can barely keep them in stock



This article was published on 12.07.2019 by April Ortiz
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Q Sciences - Heath and Wellness, 79 USD to join

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