People dream big, wants to achieve everything for a better life. But in reality only rich people becomes more rich and poor are left behind, their dreams are shattered. This is the reality of the present financial system where money flows only between rich people.

We all have one life. We all dream of a better lifestyle and better life than what we are today. This can only be achieved by helping each other, by donating each other. This is how we can overcome the present financial burdens and live a better life.

Btcclub is for the people, by the people. This is the right place where you can make donations to help them for better lifestyle and in return you too will be helped by other participant when you are in need.

Btcclub is founded by the like minded people of the community, here the donations are not controlled centrally it is direct help from one participant to other participant. Btcclub is only a platform for such participants.

Btcclub community works for the people who desire financial help & for the people who help other and get helped when they need help. Btcclub is a system. Some people think it is a company or business, but it's wrong. It is not a kind of business or a Company, you dont sell , you dont refer before you earn, this is not a network marketting that you do lots of stranious activities before you earn.. this is a community of International, free and self adjusting people. Here in Btcclub you can become your own boss. participate in the right mutual help community, your provided capital grows 120% every 30 days!.. all you need to do is to have a bit coin wallet and fund it, this has already changed the lives of many.. Join over 20 million participants now and gain finiantial freedom !!!

            HOW IT WORKS

Rules are very simple, go to the registration and enter all the details required. You have to commit provide help (PH) of minimum USD $25 , once you commit the donation your commitment will start to grow at 4% daily. The PH growth will be updated automatically on everyday. The participant has to provide help of 20% of the commitment as soon as the commitment is made as storage fund to the managers, The remaining 80% PH will be processed when a GH participant asks for help. If the request gets processed then the participant has to Provide Help to the other Participant who has asked for Get Help (GH) within 48 hrs(Otherwise the PH participant will be blocked forever). The participant can Get Help any time after the successful Provide help (PH)   
                                                                                   REFERAL BONUS

People without sponserer/upline cannot register to this community. The real reason is every referer/upline who have worked hard to grow this community should be rewarded with bonuses.
Upon registering, you will find your own referal link. Provide the link to your friends, family members or to anyone for registration. You can share your referal link on social sites or blogs etc and can earn huge referal bonus
Referal bonuses of 10% of the total donation made by participant will be awarded to the sponser. Everything is transperant, all the participant can check and verify their downline commitment. The Referal Bonus is credited only after the participant's sucessfull provide help . Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. But nobody force the members of the Community to invite new participants.

                                                                              REGISTRATION BONUS

Upon Registration and Successful 1st PH, Participants will get 5% of 1st commitment as the Registration Bonus which is added directly to the Growth Amount.

                                                                                MANAGER BONUS

To become a manager the participant has to refer and make atleast 10 downline and minimum total team committment of $1000. After this, the participant has to raise a ticket requesting for manager panel. There are 5 Levels in Manager bonus as described below. The direct referal is the Level 1 , The Direct referal's referal is Level 2 and so on. The manager will get the additional bonus upto 5 levels.

  1.     Manager Level 1 bonus : 5% of participant's contribution.
  2.     Manager Level 2 bonus : 4% of participant's contribution.
  3.     Manager Level 3 bonus : 3% of participant's contribution.
  4.     Manager Level 4 bonus : 2% of participant's contribution.
  5.     Manager Level 5 bonus : 1% of participant's contribution.  

so join us today and lets make the world a better place!

if you still need more clerification do well to also contact me over email


This article was published on 01.10.2016 by Emmanuel Pius
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