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I understand your hesitation as you read this article. But I have discovered a true miracle of marketing that can change our lives

Read this article concerning viral referral marketing with a completely open mind.

The results that are being achieved with this strategy are unbelievable.

Yet, I have proof at the end of the article.

Viral Referral Marketing Delivers Thousands of Leads and Sales

Viral Referral Incentive Marketing can deliver thousands of leads and sales for your business with little out-of-pocket expense. 

 Once this sales lead generating machine is set up, it runs almost as a set-it-and forget it advertising machine.

Because the results you can achieve with it are absolutely staggering.

Network Marketing’s Biggest Obstacle

The biggest obstacle for network marketers, multi-level marketers or just marketers in general is traffic and lead generation.The MLM industry is a numbers game. If we can find a way to create the numbers – we win.

Artificial Intelligence to the Rescue

The Internet leveled the playing field. Artificial Intelligence's Chat GPT gives us an unfair advantage.

Innovators in this field have created the Ultimate Viral Marketing Software. This program generates a staggering number of leads and sales for those who understand and use the technology.

Viral Referral Incentivized Marketing uses the best practices of this technique to create unheard of leads and sales. While Rakuten Rewards is probably the most trusted referral cashback marketing company on the Internet, it is created to provide profit for the company.

Viral Referral Marketing is the core software promoted by UP Vira.  l  has created a universal system that marketers are using to create the type of growth in their businesses that has been impossible for average marketers until now.

Experts Explain Marketing Roadbloacks

Alex Hormozi, who is known for founding Gym Launch, a company helping gym owners scale up their businesses, and now runs, suggests that the various methods used to generate new customers are not only expensive but time consuming.

Alex describes the effectiveness of paid ads, affiliate marketing, manual outbound calling and even referral marketing aslinear, which means these methods require continuous effort and money.

However, when viral referral methodology is used, a miracle loop is put into effect. Remember when the tell-a-friend method of recruiting was a hot topic online? Well word-of-mouth marketing has gone high-tech. but is still the best way to get individuals aware of your product or service.

The Viral Loop in Referral Marketing

This method is evergreen, effective and produces unheard of leads and sales for almost anyone who knows how to deploy the strategy

With this new methodology, and the ability to attract huge numbers of leads and sales, we asked Chat GPT to provide a blueprint to the money hole in our company Nexus Rewards.

Unfortunately, product-based companies do not pay out enough to generate the income we wanted within 6-12 months.

The Road to $19,545.00 Per Month

See below the 5x6 matrix using the Nexus reward pay plan to achieve an income of $19,545.00. An active member receives $10.00 on the first level and $1.00 on level 2-6.

Each person on each level refers 5 active members. This results in a payout. $19,545.—per month or $234,540 per year.

Before we saw the referral marketing system, contacting enough people to refer over 15,000 people seemed impossible. However, when you break down the requirement, it means that each member of the team is required to refer only 5 friends, associates, or relatives to the program.

The leaders must then go back to help each of their members refer 5. The solution – Check out Viral Referral Incentive Marketing Software

We decided to offer the best incentive we could find which comes from Marketing Boost. This vacation offer:

This is how it works” We use this viral loop effect for lead generation?

You start gaining exponential returns for the same amount of effort.

It’s a bit like having 100 people come into a store…

And each person. brings a friend along! Then that friend tells their friend about this (think back to the old Beck commercial... tell a friend who tells a friend…

The viral loop effect generates 30% to 100% more leads with no additional effort and at zero costs.

The fee to join Nexus Rewards is only $21.95 but the benefits pay more back to the members than the costs of the membership.

This program is like pouring rocket fuel on our goal to create enough leads and member signups for the $19,545.00 per month challenge and increases our lead-generation efforts!

This Ultimate Viral Marketing Incentive Program can run for as long as we desire. We have unlimited vacation packages and have one program that offers a cruise.

When you see the results that marketers are getting from the program, you will get excited. If you choose not to join me in Nexus, you can use this software for any marketing effort.

Some examples of the results from Up viral marketing campaign

• David Fraser used the Viral Referral Marketing Software to offer a “free bunkie: He promoted the contest on social media and via email, and the results mind-blowing

• He generated 34,297 leads and made $300,000 in sales for a month’s work.

• Another marketer created 230,000+ leads in 6 days (Up Viral case Study)

• Sebastian Godin went from 0 to 4,500+ Subscribers and $4,775 in Sales

• UpViral Giveaway: 30K Leads and $34K.

• EVE Winter: -Received 13,300 new leads within 14 days.

• AMIEL Riss: 7900 Leads and a 59% Referral Rate

You can join our Nexus Reward Challenge here >>

to earn $19,545.00 Today. Your costs to join is only $31.95 ($10.00 set up fee) then $21.95 per month. 

Be sure to redeem your Rakuten $30.00 Cash Back Reward which makes your entry free.

Check out Nexus Rewards Here: if You decide to join the challenge you can send me an email to Virginia Sanders

Disclaimer: As seasoned professional, we know that nothing ever works out exactly the way we plan it. The best laid plain, etc, But what other choices are presented to you. Nexus Rewards is an amazing program that will help you save money on everything you buy. If the income portion of the program works in your favor, you have a win- win situation exciting offer and the product that can save their family money.

If you want to use the software for Your business check out UPVIRAL14 day trial here

To Your Success,

Virginia Sanders

Nexus Reward Representative

This article was published on 29.06.2023 by Virginia Sanders
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