Building Better Health While Creating Lifestyle & Passive Wealth Income

Introduction: Charles Kizzine is a Pastor Teacher, Master Trainer, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and 30 yrs Accountant [Specialize in Forensic Accounting consultant].

 He is the founder of Investors of Faith LLC, an organization designed to equipping, educating, and inspiring people to live the life they deserve. Industries that I.O.F currently participation  in Health & Wellness and Finance, Investing Trading.

Mr. Kizzine, owner of various traditional business such as; Sports Entertainment Industry [Licensed Professional Sport Agent], an 27 staff members Accounting Firm, and Retail Sales Stores. He realize work began to be extremely unsatisfying both personally and professionally because it robbed him of his time away from his family and friends amongst other things he enjoyed doing.

 He was introduced to an industry (Network Marketing) over 18 plus yrs. that would change his life forever!

 It allowed him his time and freedom, and most importantly, there were no limits financially. 

 Passionate Pursuit:

 With a desire to preach the Gospel (“Good News”) and definiteness of purpose to positively affect the lives of over a thousand people personally, spiritually and financially, Pastor Kizzine mentorship, training and motivation increasingly help others open their eyes to life's possibilities.

 Having an influence that has reached the masses nationally and internationally, built massive business partners an host of individuals he has trained and coached thousands how to achieve their dreams and goals as well.

  If there was a way that one would describe Pastor Kizzine it would be Mentor, Visionary Entrepreneur. All of these words have been used to describe Charles Kizzine, but, as a 'servant leader,' Kizzine’s focus has always been finding ways to helping others.

 Investors of Faith are, an organization that exits solely to attract and empower like-minded individual’s nation wide. We are a diverse network of individuals from all over the world with various backgrounds, experience, resources and talents. Investor of Faith is one community with our collective focus on creating financial freedom to all. 


Investors of Faith is to better the health, wealth, and balance in people's lives by sharing the knowledge of a natural healthy alternative. By partnering with thousands of people along the way, we are a global family growing and thriving as we take part in a better future. To develop a thriving community of real traders helping new and experienced traders with the use of tools that make trading easier, consistent, with the goal help traders become profitable so long as they themselves have the desire and will to do what it takes to be successful in trading and a independent business owner within network marketing industry.

For addition information on how to find out more.  Message or Email Pastor Charles Kizzine 

This article was published on 01.09.2016 by Pastor Charles Kizzine
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