Would you like to be able to print your own money

This conversation comes up often, and people are always very confused by my statement.

It happens in a casual setting, as well as a Business environment, we'll get onto the topic of a potential recession or how bad the economies are doing, etc....   Everyone begins to moan and gets into a gloom and doom kind of mindset.  I however have a completely different opinion and i turn the conversation around very quickly.

I normally ask: "so what are you going to do to ensure you are not a victim to bad economies and tough economic conditions?" A common response would be nothing, it's not our problem...  But then if you're not prepared to do anything about it, really all you are doing is moaning.

The next phrase would be ok, so seeing as though you're so smart, what are you doing about it John.  Well funny you should mention that...  I in fact control my own economy by printing my own money.  This often create a lot of confusion?  I then get into more details:

Every heard of the crypto currency bitcoin... NO, well then you should definitely investigate it.  Bitcoin is an online currency that is taking the world by storm, when bitcoin started they were worth about $0,10 in 2009 and are expected to reach a value of up to $500 by the end of 2015.

In the old days people mined bitcoins using their home computers, as each month progresses the algorithm gets more difficult and you need to move to more powerful hardware and software, there were several people buying very powerful mining hardware, yet drawing up all of that power uses a lot of electricity for power and fans to keep everything cool. The only real way to mine bitcoins profitably in this day and age is by mining in pools online.  You decide how much money you'd like to spend on mining bitcoins, you make a once off payment (Purchasing mining power), and then you decide if you'd like to compound your monthly earnings and buy more mining power, or you could withdraw the money and treat yourself to something nice like, ear plugs or headphones to block out everybody's moaning about how bad the economy is..  Your choice.

Im currently mining across 2 platforms, both yielding different returns:

Bitknock (currently yielding a 20% return on investment monthly) 


Genesis Mining (currently yielding a 9% return on investment monthly)

https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/108881       (2.5% discount code: - W4PKqm)

If anybody would like more info, you are welcome to contact me here:

This article was published on 23.12.2015 by John Deane
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