Be true to yourself and success will follow !

“Everything happens for a reason”. Most of us hear this very often, especially when we are going through a hard time. We usually react with anger and disappointment during this bad experience. It is only after a period of a time that we put together the pieces of the puzzle and we finally come to realize what was that reason...

I was introduced to the network marketing world about 4 years ago by a friend. Until then, it hadn’ t occured to me that I could ever possibly get involved in anything related to business or sales. And, like most people, I had a negative attitude towards all those companies that were promoting products or services. Funny to be on the other side of the fence now and having to explain to people all the time that network marketing actually works and that not all online businesses are scams - :) 

On the other hand, ever since I can remember, I would imagine myself having an exciting, unconventional life. A life that would help me grow as a person and that would also give me the opportunity to help other people do the same. I was really frustrated later, during my high school years, when everyone was trying to impose the 9 to 5 mindset on me. Just the concept of it felt like slavery to me ! Sounds familiar ? - :) 

So, I decided to study journalism because it seemed to me back then, like the profession that would offer me the life I had always dreamed of...  

This didn’t prove to be so simple in practice... My first job was in a city guide magazine. Since I didn’t have any experience, I had agreed not to get paid at first until I would learn on the job... 

It took almost a year of countless phonecalls, interviews, sleepless nights of researching and writing on my computer until I would finally receive my first paycheck. It wasn’ t much money but it was a start. This work schedule lasted for another 2 years. Meanwhile I had lost contact with most of my friends. It was actually much worse than the 9-5 slavery! But in my mind it was something temporary...The image of this great, exciting life was still there with me...

However, this wasn’t meant to come true soon... It was the year 2004, a little before the market crash of 2008 but the signs of it had already started to show in my little country, Greece. Especially in the field of media, where there was always a lot of competition, many people had lost their jobs. I was one of them. For about a year, the only decent job I could get was as a waitress...  

At that time Bulgaria had become a member of the European Union. I thought that since I always liked foreign languages and already spoke bulgarian I should take advantage of it. I could not waste more time to wait and see what would happen. So I decided to take up new studies and start from scratch. I already spoke french too, so I chose to study french language and litterature at the university of Sofia. The plan was to perfect those 2 foreign languages and combine them later with english and greek to work as a translator and/ or interpreter for the EU. 

The studies were very demanding and since bulgarian is not my mother tongue I had to study twice as hard as my fellow students who were all local. My first thought when I was waking up and my last one before I went to sleep was again the image of this amazing life. That’s what had kept me going ...  

After 5 years of hard work I eventually graduated with an excellent grade. So next stop after graduation : My masters degree for translation and interpretation. This would take only a year and a half. I was so close! But again things didn’t work out as planned... 

It was the year 2010 and this time my country was hard hit by the financial crisis. As a result, my finances had deteriorated dramatically and the master’s degree was pretty expensive... I spent more than a year, back to Greece working as a home tutor for pocket money that were just enough to add to my family’s income and help us survive. I had come to a dead end once again... but this time I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel... 

It was during that time that I met the guy who told me a bit later about his career opportunity. It was something different from anything I had seen before, so I decided to join. There was a lot of training, a lot of new things to learn but I was getting excited. I was feeling hope again. I needed that hope!  

The concept had great potential and the good thing about that company was that it had an affiliate program. So I didn t need to recruit too many people at once to make it work, like in traditional MLM... But on the other hand the payplan proved to be too complicated for most people to understand and although everyone would like the idea of it at first and wanted to know more, they would lose their interest in the process... 

I tried really hard for 3 years but with no significant success. I had also checked a lot of other companies during that time but none of them had made any impression on me...Until one day I was finally approached online by my sponsor in my current company and I’ m so glad I was! In a little over than 5 months, I ve managed to build a good,solid business that has already expanded in over 40 countries and is growing every day! Now, I know that everything I’ ve experienced, everything I’ ve been through, were just life lessons that would lead me to where I’ m today ! It is finally now that all the pieces of the puzzle have come together!  

What I love about my company is that not only it has given me the opportunity to be financially free but also to be a part of something bigger than myself ! Our mission is not just to help people make a good income. In our troubled times of global financial crisis where prices go up and we spend more and more money every day to buy the same products and services that we could buy with less or even half of our money in just a couple of years ago, making a good income is just not enough anymore. We come to offer the solution to that problem. We currently operate in over 120 countries and we help average people and their families everyday to create inflation proof savings and escape the current system of debt... and ... we get paid for doing it!  

But what I like even more about it, is that it has also given me the opportunity to connect with like - minded people. People with similar stories. People who have stayed true to themselves - :) 

So if this 2 min trailer makes sense to you, check also my business website or connect directly with me on Facebook or other social media and let’s chat.

This article was published on 23.02.2016 by Milena Aggelou
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