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Does this story resonate with YOU? 

When l got started with promoting business opportunities, l did what everyone does; 

  •   chase after my relatives, friends and work mates. 
  •  created a website which took ages to generate a tickle of leads. 
  • l even learned about SEO, guest blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest Group Boards and all that jazz.  

My great delight and excitement soon started to fizzle then turned into despair.  

Moreso, when l learned how others where generating perpetual Business Opportunity Leads day in day out.

I was overwhelmed.

My subscriber list was growing at a snail's pace. At this rate it would take YEARS to start making a decent income online. And even then it wouldn't be worth all the time spent. 

l realised there is nothing like FREE business opportunity leads. You pay heavily with your time away from your family. TIME = most valuable asset in life. 

Then, l realised why 95% of opportunity promoters fail!

YET, l saw people who joined the very same opportunity l was promoting race past me. Even some of the people l recruited were killing it. 

After months of toiling in the slow lane; l broke the code. The 'Slow Lane' is where honest and hardworking people make pennies on the dollar until either they either quit or die. 

Fast forward, 2 years and some months after; l am now earning 4 to 5 figures each month. 

l bet, l didn't get there by sharing my links on social media, blogging and all that free stuff. 

It was after learning how to find 'Perpetual Traffic' and 'Super Targeted Leads'. Yes, it isn't free traffic. But who cares.  

l invest a dollar and it generates $2. Rinse and repeat X100 times! 'Invest' - yes, buying traffic is an investment, NOT a 'cost' as we are all made to believe. 

Unlike the so called non targeted 'free traffic'. If you buy business opportunity leads, they are HIGHLY targeted. And scalable You can buy a hundreds or thousands of clicks ... per day! 

However, there is a catch! If you don't know how and where to buy opportunity leads - you flash down your money into the toilet... DUH! 

Go ahead and learn the Simple 4 Step “Traffic Hack” that allows you to use Other People's Efforts to shortcut the lead generation process. It's like fishing in pond! 

Comment. Share. Learn. Get Leads.

This article was published on 27.05.2017 by Upenyu Chaurura
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