Help Me Get On The Leader Board & Earn a Million Dollars.

Help Me Get On The Leader Board & Earn a Million Dollars.?

If you have 100 to 1,000 members in your primary MLM company, you are poised to make a a substantial amount of money with this business.  Many MLM and network marketers strive daily to attract those thousands of people into their downline.

The ability to attract that many people has to do with the product and the compensation plan.  A lot of companies have discovered that they need a lost cost "Feeder" Program that appeals to the masses.  If you plug these individuals in a Plug and Pay program, or Feeder Program, you can insure the prospects longevity in your primary program.  When people make money, they tend to stay in the programs rather than abandoning them. 

If you already have a large down-line and introduce them to a uni-level system like FunnyBiz, your income will explode almost overnight. You could call FunnyBiz, the original legitimate "get rich quick" program for those individuals who have already build large down-lines in other programs. 

Everyone knows that Multi-Level Marketing is a numbers game. The more people you are able to sign up for your program the more money you can make. The problem is that many companies have monthly auto-ships or $500 starter kits that make it harder for individuals to recruit more members. 

 In fact many new recruits actually lose money in their business during the first year. There are also monthly or annual quotas that new recruits must adhere to in order to receive their commissions. The higher the price of the entry fee in a company makes it more difficult for you and your new prospects to sponsor new Network Marketing business partners.

FunnyBiz provides a way to incentivize your new recruit, put instant cash in their pocket so they have the income to continue in your primary MLM. After they have made an income from FunnyBiz they are poised and ready to continue with their main business. FunnyBiz will provide enough income to pay for the main Network Marketing program,

Many Multi-Level Marketing companies require monthly or annual quotas from distributors in order to stay “active” or to qualify for “commissions and rebates” gained from new recruits. Promoting a program that has a $500.00 starter kit is hard to promote for many people. They are cautious of introducing Uncle Jack to their main program because he is always complaining about money. Many MLM members have burned through their warm market and are overly cautious about contacting them regarding any new opportunity.

 FunnyBiz can be seen as a kind of feeder program for your main MLM Company. Everyone can afford $10.00 to start their own business. Recruiting for your downline becomes easier because it is financially feasible for the masses and is instantly rewarding.

In our scenario, you only need 7 individuals on your first level. Imagine if your present downline each recruited 7 people you could easily build a network of 19,607 individuals paying only $10.00 a month to stay active rather than $200.00 or more. These individuals are receiving instant income that enables them to purchase more products, more marketing tools and enables them to stay in your primary business. These individuals are also creating a large list of likeminded individuals who they can market to concerning their main business.

Of course it is possible to earn a lot of money in the traditional MLM companies because there is living proof that this business model works. But, there are a lot of people who drop out because they do not see the money fast enough. John Taylor stated in his book “'Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked' that 99.7% of people will lose money in network marketing.

How Much Does FunnyBiz Pay For Your Efforts?

First, we have to explain that the FunnyBiz system is powered by our 6-Rank 7-Level 35% to 60% Global Revenue Sharing Income opportunity –This means that FunnyBiz shares a minimum of 35%-60% of our Total Global Revenues with Distributors! Most other Home Biz Opportunities Max-out at sharing 35% of their revenues with distributors. - The top Level MLM companies share less than 10% of their revenue. Of course these companies have larger overhead and more cost to create and Internet presence.

FunnyBiz pays you 7-Levels of Passive Residual Monthly Commissions

• $1,600/month: When you & the next 6-levels of Distributors under you sign-up just 3 Subscribers

• 10,000 Per month When you & the next 6 levels of distributors under you sign up 4 distributors

• $50K/month: When you and your next 6 level distributors under you sign up 5 distributors

• $170,000/month When you & the next 6 levels of Distributors under you sign-up just 6 Subscribers each!

 As far as we know, that is The Highest-Paying Income Opportunity on the Planet! See our Income Opportunity page for more details.

Some people are attracted to the Flashy Slick online presentations that show you how much money you will make with even a modest down line. Some people tell me that the FunnyBiz website is kind of amateurish. The reply is,”All that glitters is not gold” and gold is found under the earth. Sometimes you have to dig deeper to find the golden nuggets in a business opportunity.

It is possible to make money with any MLM company. We also believe that by implementing FunnyBiz as your feeder program, the MLM leaders who have 1,000’s of people in their downlines can earn significant money with this business. You can regard this as a get rich program but it still takes hard work, talent and a large downline to make it work.

This article was published on 30.08.2016 by Virginia Sanders
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