Travel Industry Revolution!

ibuumerang - travels you rich! 

Now it´s time for a new era: “Make money only when your customers SAVE money!” YES you heard right: YOU EARN MONEY WHEN YOUR CUSTOMERS SAVE MONEY!!! But do me a favour and watch your own personal presentation right here >>> ibuumerang <<<

This is really amazing and I am excited to be in this business from the beginning on. Most of you quietly don´t know that  the travel industry is the biggest one with 8 TRILLION annual sales. But just two big companies share the profit as they own nearly all in that business and that´s Expedia Group & Booking Holdings.

What do you think will happen, when you try to find a cheap flight or hotel? You will ever pay more or less the same maybe with a few $ difference. 

Now "ibuumerang" will change that. As I said before you will earn money when your customers save it. That´s a huge difference and what do you think will happen, if you send your own personal link to your friends or family (or anybody)  who wants to book a travel and they will pay less than anywhere else? Sure - they will book and you will earn! It sounds easy doesn´t it? And it is as easy as it sounds. Everybody wants to travel. I really don´t know anyone in my friendship or family who would say "NO" to travels!

Also they give a price guarantee as they refund you 110% if you find it cheaper on any other side (except for flights).

Also you will benefit from it because you will get cheaper travels as well and you can choose between three different packages as it goes from 50% Travel Saving Bonus with the smallest package to 100% Travel Saving Bonus with the biggest package. So not even your customers also you will benefit from it.

Don´t miss the chance to be there with us from the beginning on to cut off your piece of financial freedom!

Any questions don´t hesitate to contact me also if you need a presentation in a different language than English please let me know!

Click here to join my team: >>> ibuumerang <<<

You will be very welcome.

Best regards


This article was published on 16.05.2019 by Anja Berkenbaum
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ibuumerang - Travels, 49.9 USD to join

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