TOP SECRET -- Generate Leads Using MLMGateway Business Announcements

Perhaps you would like to write a business announcement here on MLMGateway, wait for it to be accepted, then surprise! You begin seeing new leads come in for a short period of time. Then, write the next one.

If you are writing business announcements here on MLMGateway, but are not seeing any results, this may be the most important piece of content you have read yet. If you do get leads, then add a few of these tips to the mix and watch it become profitable.

The Title

The title is most important. If you fail here, nothing else matters.

The title is there to get the reader to read the content. It gets the message across, and let's them know if they want to take time out of their busy schedule to read your business announcement.


Does your title attract people, or scare people away?

Think of being a reader yourself, and if someone else used your title, would you open it yourself? If not, then perhaps think of changing the title, or the subject of the content period.

The Message

This is the body of the content.

First you must ask questions to your reader, or get them to see the benefit of reading the content. If your questions, or your opening statement gets their attention, they will continue reading.

Then, you give the info promised in the title. 

This is where you share with your reader what it is they stopped to read. Make sure it is worth their time of course, and then the final piece will work.

The Closing

Here is where the lead is generated.

It is also called a CTA (call to action) and it is where you lead the reader to learn more on the topic, or to give away something that could help someone who is interested in what you are writing about.

For Example, if you are sharing weight loss tips, you wouldn't give away a dog collar. You know anyone reading your content is interested in losing weight, so share something that would benefit them, and collect their information.

My Closing

So, if you see the value in this, and this is something you would like to learn more about, you should register for the upcoming episode of IBO Advanced Marketing Strategies and discover more tips like these, and strategies that can help you generate A LOT of leads.   (Was that a run-on sentence?)

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P.S.S Be sure to share and comment below if this helps. I'm always open to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Please leave a response below for me!

This article was published on 21.11.2016 by Jaye Carden
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