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We are a new technology company in the United States witch means you will be starting at the top, you know what that means, a bigger income, also our products are unlike any other, you will have the worlds first cell phone with Internet built inside it along with 50 gigs of data and Mcell technology witch means you bounce off of everyone's tower not just one designated one! So you have internet everywhere and virtually cell service anywhere, the wearable is more geared towards health benefits it can do an ecg scan , heart rate, blood pressure, steps, calories, sleep pattern, and unlike any of the others it has an S.O.S system built in with a panic button that delivers your exact gps signal to people you have designated too , in October it will have sound wave mosquito repelant and by next year they want it to have blood sugar, heat stroke and blood oxygen level! You get the wearable, and cell phone service along with insurance on both for only 69 dollars a month no one in the world can beat this plan! Now for the commissions , you do not have to buy anything with this only the initial sign up fee and the 69 dollar a month service charge! You are paid depending on where you sign up and you can always move up whenever you like there are only 2 places to buy in at the lower witch is 400 and you get 10% and the higher witch is 1258 and you get 20% ! You are paid off of sales commission, down line bonuses, a fidelity box witch the link explains and also you get residual payment for life from the service fee of everyone in your down line ! This company has been the best that I have come across as far as teamwork and standing by there products in the short time that I have been with them we have come leaps and bounds and there is still much more room to improve .this is not only an amazing line of products but an amazing opportunity for you to start at the top and make the big earnings! I hope to hear from you soon! I have provided a link so that you can see for yourself if you are more than interested you can txt me at 806 782 8632 thank you and hope you enjoy!

This article was published on 18.08.2016 by Kotelyn Keith Redman
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