How Monat has helped me grow as a person...

I used to be the girl who would sit in the hallways during lunch hour in high school and eat something small so I could avoid the awkwardness of finding somewhere to sit with friends.

I used to be the lady at work who would eat at her desk so I wouldn't have to worry about being the last person to lunch and end up not having a spot to sit.

I avoided entering rooms alone because I did not like the attention put on me.

Hi, I’m Jamie, and I was a victim of social anxiety.

But not anymore.

I no longer let that anxiety control me.

When I joined a group of women almost a year ago, most of whom I barely knew, I didn’t realize they’d do so much to boost my confidence to feel more comfortable with the person I am. When you’re surrounded by others who lead their lives with huge goals, a positive attitude, and pride...well, it’s contagious.

One of my biggest fears of joining was what others would think. What if I failed? What if people started avoiding me just because of what I do? But the longer I’m in this, the more I see how much it doesn’t matter. I know I’m doing something to be proud of for myself and my family. The only person that can really stand in my way is myself.

I never expected this side effect of joining, but I have peeled back layers I never knew existed within me.

I hold my head high now.

I smile much more.

I cry less.

I have fewer headaches.

I'm definitely less stressed.

I laugh more.

I love more deeply.

I care more about myself.

I'm more passionate about things I love, people I love.

I'm more connected with nature and the things that matter in life.

I finally feel like I belong. I fit in.

And most of all, I have the clearest sense of purpose than I’ve ever had.

Everything worth doing is scary. It never comes without fear of judgment.

But I •choose• to take the leap for myself despite what others think.

I •choose• to be happy.

I •choose• a work environment that constantly lifts me up every day.

I •choose• to be >FREE< from letting that anxiety hold me back.

And if that’s not personal growth and success, I don’t know what is.

Message me if you can relate to anything I've personally experienced. You won't regret it. You will, however, regret not trying it.

This article was published on 08.05.2020 by Jamie Donath
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