As we all know, the future is the internet and that future is already here and now!  In a world where time is money, why not start now?  

Project 1-9-90 is an online business originating from Russia. 

How it works

It works by a forced matrix of 2 x 2. A matrix is made up of 6 people with yourself at the head, making it 7. Once you register and activate a package with 10EUR, you invite 2 of your friends to do same. They in turn duplicate the process. This doesn't mean you can't invite more than two!  There are various packages ranging from 10EUR to 6000EUR. You can activate any package you want but you shouldn't skip a lower package to activate a higher one. This is to say, you can activate the 10EUR and 25EUR packages or more at once. Once you complete your matrix for any package, that package plan renews automatically and you can decide to activate a higher package. Once your referral complete his own matrix, he automatically follows you on the renewed and new packages!  Isn't that awesome?!  The new package and the renewed package run simultaneously and you earn from both! 

Compensation plan

From the name, we can deduce the compensation plan. The company gets 1% of the investment. You get 9% on your first two referrals and 90% on the investment of the remaining 4 referrals that complete your matrix. For the 10EUR package, you earn 1.8EUR from the first 2 referrals and 36EUR from the remaining 4. That's 37.8EUR which is a 378% on your capital. For the 25EUR package, you earn 4.5EUR from you first two referrals and 90EUR from the remaining 4 that's a whooping 90.4EUR!  Remember it runs simultaneously with your 10EUR package so you actually earn 37.8 + 94.5 EUR which equals 122.3EUR!  So you can imagine your earning potential on this platform. It is unlimited!  With just 10EUR!  There's no limitation as to the number of people who can join from the same household. So if you have relatives that are interested too, you can always refer them or be there sponsor. 

Everyone can get to the 6,000


a gmail account

A perfect money account


If interested, send a message for more explanation or register here

Please note the original language is in Russia, use google chrome for auto translation. 

This article was published on 24.09.2016 by Charlene Ezeagu
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