Real Time Bidding is not only for Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo and others...

A real new opportunity in the world of MLM and combined with profit share.

Have you ever shopped for something online and then went on to your Facebook account and all you see is adverts for the item you were just shopping for? It happened to me. I was searching for some new Nike trainers, I went to Facebook right after and bang there they were! The exact ones I was previously viewing. Companies pay to have their advert on there. Facebook must be making a killing!

Facebook makes a LOT of profit from your visits, but did you ever receive some money? The process how this works has changed the publicity market for a few years, and not much know about it.

A company has been registered in the UK by a guy who is a public figure in the world of European Politics. They are growing in the Real Time Bidding market (RTB) and offers a huge return on the profit packs they sell. Actually the return is today around 1.5% and we see it rising each day. Some high packs already are above the 2% daily. That means that in 50 days you have your money back, and your profit continues to grow until they paid out 150% of the sum of your pack.

We do see a lot of similar dark side companies offering even more profit return, but as you know those vanishes quickly in a few months because it's the same old story that the latest enrolments will guarantee the payout for older members.

No so with this company! Their profit is that high that they can return it whitout any problems.

This new company has already more than 50.000 active members in a few months and nobody is complaining or no stories about unpaid or unredrawable amounts.

To compete with the big players like Facebook and Google, the company's aim is to have a huge amount of active members. It's all about IP's and big data. The future of the internet. The revolution of Media changing.

People who have tasted MLM before and never been succesful can register and start to buy a profit pack. Nothing more to do than watching the profits adding on your dashboard every day! You don't have to bother your friends or family to gain. But the real story will begin when you get motivated and share this opportunity. An extra 13% for direct referrals and a simple left/right binary with an extra 10%, no limit, will pay you for your efforts to have the company reach its goal to have a lot of members.

Why not try it out and start your own network? Many people are already talking about it, but what i offer is an automated email system with motivating videos and a follow up. Choosing the right sponsor will help you to have a spillover leg in the binary and the result is that you only will need to work in one leg.
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This article was published on 08.03.2016 by Dick Van Gelder
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