TruVision Health is earning $5 Million a month in sales. Imagine getting in on Apple when they were at 5 million a month? Or Mary Kay, or Amway, or Herbalife? ... all of those companies make billions per year now - Mary Kay makes nearly 3 B per year, Amway makes 11B per year, Herbalife makes 3.5 Billion a year. Avon makes 11.3 Billion per year... can you imagine what the people who got started early in those companies (and stuck with it) are making? They are the million per month earners you hear about in network marketing. 

We've passed the crucial 2 year point that dictates longevity. We have surpassed every sales goal we have ever set in record time, and we have less than 50 K associates, far fewer of those that are actively working the business. 

Right now is as RIPE an opportunity as you get!

My Story

End 2015 I became aware of this natural product my friend brought to South Africa! I was 30 kgs overweight, struggling with my health and keeping up the demand my family required from me. My husband and I took the leap to start with Tru's natural supplements! I've been taking Tru's combo for 7 months now and have lost 22 kg. My health is improving and it feels like I've got a new lease on life! After starting the supplement and experiencing the value of it, I decided to go into the business and share it with others. I never knew how deprived I was from self fulfillment until I started working again! I know God gave me this opportunity! He gift wrapped it and said: "Here Debbie, I know what you need", even though I was not even aware of it myself yet! WOW! I'm building a business to assist in our financial needs that was always such a strain on my husband being the sole income earner.

My passion and drive is to share with everybody that TruVision Health is the whole package deal! This is the place for a Tru Healthy You! 

A healthy body, thanks to the products! 

A healthy spirit and soul, thanks to the superb people that inspire, guide and invest in you. 

And healthy home finances, thanks to this awesome business opportunity! 

I feel whole and fulfilled again! 

If this resoniates to you in any way, looking after your health, need energy with the advantage of a residual income, send me a email or call and I'll share with you. TruVision Health has only been in SA for 7 months now! This is a very exciting time. Being first in and working hard has SERIOUS benefits! Don't miss out on this OPPORTUNITY...we are going where the top MLM Companies are, right up there! We have a innovative Rewards Program and a Loyalty Program! We are priviliaged to have Serious forward thinking Leaders and Fouders! 


+27 84 890 0910 

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One Life.One Body.

This article was published on 06.07.2016 by Debbie Hedenskog
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