What is your Motivation?

This week I am inspired by the events to talk about motivation.

What motivates me is Love. I Love what I do.

I am very passionate about what I do.

For that reason I am very committed, dedicated and persistent in doing what I do.

Yes there can be moments that fear or doubts may come, this is just part of the journey and I move on.

Let me share with you a very inspirational true story about a man that we all know, at least most of us.

He had a very troubled childhood, his dad died when he was 5.

At the age of 16 he left school.

At the age of 17 he already lost 4 jobs.

At the age of 18 he got married.

Between 18 and 22 he was a railroad conductor.

At the age of 19 he became a father.

At the age of 20 his wife lef thim and took their baby daughter.

He joined the army and was washed out.

He applied a law school and was rejected.

He became an insurance sales man and failed again.

He then became a cook and a dish washer in a small cafe.

On the first day of retirement he received a check from the governement for $105.

He felt as if the governement was saying that he isn't capable to provide for himself.

He decided to commit suicide, it wasn't worth living anymore, he was such a failure...

There was one thing he could do better than anyone he knew and that was how to cook.

So his borrowed $87 and bought and fried up some chicken using his recipe.

He went door to door to sell them to his neighbours in Kentucky.

Remember at the age of 65 he was ready to commit suicide and at the age of 88, he had built an empire and became a billionare!

Now KFC is the second largest restaurant chain with almost 20,000 locations globally in 123 countries.

You have what it takes to be successful.

NO Guts NO Glory! :D

It's never "to old to dream" Go for it and make a difference!

Wish you a great week ahead! :)


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This article was published on 02.08.2016 by Norma Sun
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