Swissgolden is a company that trades in buying and selling of gold bullion bars for individuals like you and I which can be used in making gold jewelries or as reserve for a rainy day like the one the world is experiencing due to d fall in CRUDE OIL. Countries like China and USA do buy this bullion gold bars as reserve due to its value and that's why this countries doesn't really experience economic recessions.

Swissgolden deals only with "24Carats Gold Bars" the purest & finest in the world with 999.9% purity. These bullion bars are in different weights & sizes ranging btw 1grm-100grms.

The company is registered in the British islands and have offices in London and Germany.

The aspect of the business that is particular to us is the bonus scheme and residual or passive income.

The business Comprises of 6 parts/tables;

1. Prelim table 220€(1 Table)

bonus to be earned 800€ & that’s used to buy your next level

2. Main table 720€ Consist of 3 tables

Bonus to be earned is 7000€

Paid in 3 installments, 2100€ × 3...the 3rd time your 700€ (start up capital) will be refunded to make 2800€

3. Prelim VIP table 1050€ (1 Table) just like the first Prelim table.

Bonus to be earned is 4000€

4. VIP table 2800€ (3Tables)

 Bonus to be earned is 28000€

Prelim VIP+ 3550€ (1 Table)

Bonus to be earned is 14000€

V5. VIP Plus table. 9850€ (3 Tables)

Bonus to be earned 98000€

After registering, your requirement for active income is to recommend "only 2 people" to invest as you did & they also duplicate themselves. The table is closed and you earn.

You could either invest in the gold- i.e. buying gold directly from the company or decide to pursue this business. Either ways you must still register...

The earning comes in gold & you either request delivery or sell back to the company for your cash

Unlike other MLMs, you can only grow if your downlines grow, here you have to work as a team with your downlines so everyone earns as this is KEY to everyone’s progress unlike in other MLM where only the one at the top keeps eating and having their cake and that’s PYRAMID SCHEME. Swissgolden is not Pyramid

 You work towards becoming a leader which attracts many other financial gain and travels plus gold gift benefits. RESIDUAL INCOME

In Swissgolden there is ;










 The company sells gold bars. So we are all customers. we get commissions for getting people to buy gold from them

Minimum is 220euro through online bureau-de-change

The Maximum investment is 9800 euro

If you Invest 220euro you will earn 800 euro. from this 720euro in used for the next level and you will earn 2100euro anytime you complete a stage.

You can decide to keep gold with the company. they are kept in safe depositories with the universal bank of Switzerland at 0.1percent the value of the gold or request it to be delivered to you,

The -10% is a commission charged by the company so what comes to you on the main Table is 1890 euro worth of gold

This Gold comes in 1 to 100g. You can check their webshop at

Thye have an online shop where they buy and sell investment gold bars

Swissgolden is a company registered in the UK. they also have another registration in Hongkong.

With 220euro investment you earn 800euro. 720euro is used to upgrade you to the next level. On this investment level you will be earning 1890euro worth of gold bars that's about 800k in naira when you sell your gold back to them

Then 720euro

Others are 2800Euro, 3550euro and 9800euro

Basically that are looking for customers to buy gold from them

Your money is a part payment. When u get the 2 customers and complete your table you get your gold.Investment plus bonus

220euro is the list preliminary .

 All investors are placed on the bonus plan. So you do not only earn from your gold appreciating in price but you also earn a bonus which is used to buy more gold bars for you for introducing at least 2 people to buy gold from them

This company partners with universal bank of Switzerland where they have the safe repositories for the gold bullion. so when you buy they can arrange for safe keep for you at 0.1percent the worth of the gold per month. You can also request delivery of the gold bars to your address. Its 55 euro per insured delivery using DHL. You can decide to sell the gold back to the company at anytime and your Euro account with them will be credited instantly.

This can be further transfers into your country local bank account or domiciliary account

From your earnings you can increase your investment levels or maintain your current level

A team of gold bar is currently 50euro

They are 24karats from renown refiners in Germany and Russia. Some of them are vulcambi, metalor

You keep earning this figure as long as you keep your 720euro investment with them

‬ you can buy gold on particular levels

As partners we have bought gold from them and we are compensated for getting other customers for them

With time you increase your investment level and with that you earn a higher bonus

In the 220euro, 20euro is admin fee while 200euro is your money for gold

Then 1050Euro

So you are paying for just about 4g of gold. But with the bonus plan on your first payment of 1890 euro you will get about 46g of gold

the company trades in gold bars of the highest purity. That is the 24carats

A min of 2 customers directly from you qualified you to earn bonus

We are customers and we get paid for getting others to also buy gold from them

Start building up your gold reserve with low amount starting from 220euro. Please concur as the rates fluctuate. And be earning 1890 euro over and over.

You are not selling anything but getting people to buy gold directly from the company

 You can sell your gold back to the company and have your cash transferred to you .

Also after one month and you did not get referral and choose not to do the business, you can request for your money and only 200 euro will be refunded because 20 euro was for registration.

Swissgolden is a company that sells 999.9% pure gold 24 carats and has an online store for direct

purchase of gold bars of different weights.

1. Moderate start-up cost €220

2. Product is a valuable assets which never depreciates, can be traded for cash even in banks,

can't be destroyed and recognised even on international stock markets invested in by


3. One time investment

4. No monthly investment or auto ship

5. No buying and selling/hawking. You can however buy gold bars for keeps as asset and can

later resell at higher rates

6. No money is lost. You can always get €200 refund if you can't get 2 people to place orders.

Please note that it is team work so we support each other build the team.

7. You need just 2 people only to qualify for the residual income of over €98,000

8. Swissgolden pays fast. It is an automated system and you can earn €1890) in 2

weeks or even less with the right team and effort. It is a good deal.

Also note that from your first earning of 800euro, u can afford to increase or upgrade your investment levels to high ones. The preliminary stages are like our remedial science schools in the university. You attend in order to qualify for the main program if you cannot afford or are unable to get into the main program directly

Let me illustrate how one cycles a table

U earn when u complete a cycle please..

Kindly download the table below as reference to my explanation on how one completes a cycle and earn a bonus if he/she fulfills the requirement

And the requirement is getting 2 customers to buy gold on the level

Swissgolden operates on a 7 celled table of orders. Starting from the one on the top

 Level 2 and 3 are always occupied by 3 people . so a new table have the 4 spaces on level 1 empty. Its is a seven celled table but at each point in time 3 orders are always there so 4 new orders are needed for it to be completed

When the table is complete, the person in level 3 earns and moves out of this table to follow her sponsor on the next level or to repeat the level in case of main, VIP and VIP plus tables .

Then table splits into 2 that's the 2 bottom tables.

Your 2 customers will now be in level 2.

: With 4 new spaces waiting to be filled. So when your 2 who get their 2 each and the 4 spaces are complete YOU get paid

Remember the bonus depends on the level you are on please as broken down above.

Every earning is subject to 10percent deduction used for the leadership program

‬U will earn them back once you become a leader

Once u complete any preliminary stage the system automatically places you on the next level. The fee taken from your preliminary earning.

Your earnings are used to buy gold bars for you. Which you can have the company keep for you at safe depositories with the universal bank of Switzerland at 0. 1percent the value of the gold per month. Or have it delivered to you via insured courier or sell your gold to the company and have the cash transferred to your bank account

‬ Luxury gifts and cruise vacation awaits leaders

If you do not bring your 2 no bonus. You only get gold worth what you paid for and that's 200euro. The 20euro is admin fee.

When you will have is in the write up above. Download the picture from the link and refer to it with the explanation. But basically it is when you get 2 people and your 2 get 2 people each

The bar comes in various sizes from 1 to 100g. Please click on the web- to see them

‬ For any table or level you invest all you need i at least 2 customers to also invest on that level or a higher one

‬So if you earn and have your gold bars you can request it to be delivered to you. Sell and buy your bangles.

The bonus program is the EASIEST I have ever seen.. It really pays fast without too much effort when you have the right clients in your team

No autoship;No continuous referal to stay in the business, all you need is TWO clients who desire to SUCCEED in this biz(Clients that value GOLD)..

Also,no one loses his/her cash investing in Swissgolden...,. you can opt out and get or refund or verify your account and sell to a new client who wishes to gain much while the seller's got everything to lose

There's no risk involved in Swissgolden. ie your first main table pay yields you 8times your initial investment

and there's no continuous reinvestment for one to keep earning.

Passive income/Leadership activation seem quite easy in Swissgolden

Swissgolden got several cash withdrawal options....

Remember,We dont do SUPPLEMENTS,WE DO GOLD

One is entitles to earn when he is heading a main board and his two's are with him on the main board and the board fills up it splits and you earn

Also the difference between swissgolden and all other networking business is everybody earns no matter how long because no one can earn without the 2 people he invited to the business on the main table

To start u need to register or be registered at, get my sponsor's id. To pay for your order you can use a visa card and use the kliq&pay payment option or you pay to your sponsor who will get a coupon which u will use to complete payment by selecting coupon as your payment option.

Minimum starting capital is 220euro which is 94 to 95k naira now

For the website go to check the program, faq, terms n conditions etc

See you onboard.

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