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Whether you're a new kid on the blockchain or an expert on cryptocurrency you can earn free bitcoins. It's free and easy to join. Just sign up on the website and you will start earning bitcoin right away. How does it work? Just predict if the price of bitcoin is going up or down. There is a one minute timer. If your prediction is correct you get paid the amount  you bet. If  you make an  incorrect  guess,  you don't lose any money since it's their funds which you're using. Sometimes they reward you with the amount you wagered. Other times you get coins which you can use for your future trades (price predictions). The more accurate your predictions are the more likely you are going to get compensated with real money. Even if you only win coins, they have plans to make the coins have real value in the future just like other cryptocurrencies.

There's no need to make any investment of any kind. Your time is the only thing which you invest. You just press the green 'call' button if you think bitcoin is going up. Or you press the red 'put' button if you think bitcoin's price is going down. It's that easy. The more you play the higher will be your rewards.

They also have a referral program. You can earn for each referral and earn commission from the earnings of your referrals as well.  They also give prizes to those who have the most referrals. It's really a win win for everyone

It's not possible to be 100 % right all the time. Just make the best bet possible. The more you play the better you'll get and the more likely you'll earn cash. This is a way to familiarize yourself with bitcoin binary options. When you've learned the basics and have become fairly accurate in your predictions, you can try your newly learned skill on other binary options websites. Most of these binary options sires usually have demo accounts. It's better to practice with a demo account first. When you're ready with a live account then you can bet real money. Fair warning though, people can and have lost a lot of money with binary options. There are also those who make a living just with binary options. It's a skill which requires experience.

But with ezdoubler, there's no risk since you don't need to invest your own money. It's free. You're getting paid for your correct predictions.

You can cash out when your balance is at least $10 which you can have deposited directly to your bitcoin wallet.

You can join via the link below:


This article was published on 18.10.2021 by Joe King
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ezdoubler - cryptocurrency, Free to join

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