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Hi everyone!  I am Jack Cook I a retired OTR truck driver, been to all states except Alaska Maine!  I also, have supported our troops as an Independent Contractor overseas in Iraq 4 yrs. and 1 yr in Qatar. I enjoy golfing, fishing, good food and conversation.  I've been a member of a gang for almost 31 years (Friend of Bill W. and Dr. Bob!    I have joined SBC as a network  marketer.  I have been on and off line for over 12 yrs.  Fortunately, I haven't given up on my 'Dream' to earn online!  My (addiction)  hehe!  has been the "Shiney New Object Syndrome"!  For years I've tried this program and that program always hoping, always hoping.  I would find a way to earn money online!  Join 'get rich quick schemes' other network marketing, programs, trying to learn from the so-called gurus (lots of bad information from most)!!  I've tried Traffic Exchanges, PTCs, Safelists, etc., etc, and etc!  I thing I got extremely bad at was trying to recruit people in the programs I was promoting.  I was never a great recruiter. Because know one explained to me how to do it!  That's where SBC come into play!  I watched a 5 minute video.  They even gave me time to  watch them 'keep the brag' so to speak (about placing people in my powerline.  This was October the 9th of last month!  My 1st 3 days went like this 62 the 1st day,  227 the 2nd day and 369 people on the 3rd day!  They even placed several paid members in my powerline.  I joined October the 12th as a paid member so I wouldn't lose that downline!  I never had one before!!  And the following Friday, I got my 1st bonafide commission check deposited straight into my bank account!  I've since gotten an additional 665 paying members in my downline!!!  They have really good products to help you lose weight, lose weight while you sleep, and products to help reduce wrinkles/lines on your face.  Now the have an all natural energy drink that tastes great!  The reason I know this is because I use the 'products myself'!  The main reason I have stayed is the best!  Everyone of my Team uses the products themselves!  It is only 5 yrs old, is debt free, and has over 100 million in sales as I right this introduction!  i urge anyone with an overweight problem sleeping problem and wants to look younger!  Please take this free tour!  I'm here to help people live the lives they want to live free of excess body weight,  good sleep and to look better.  Oh, the business opportunity is amazing!  Here's the link to take the tour : If necessary just copy and paste the link into your the address bar on your browser.

Thank you for reading!  I hope to meet some of you here and start a great relationship in network marketing!

This article was published on 15.11.2016 by Jack Cook
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SBC SkinnyBodyCare - weight loss, Free to join

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