2x2Destiny - The Leveraging System!

Discover The Ultimate Lead-in Program System...2x2DESTINY & iTRAVELPARTY!

2x2DESTINY is a company-sponsored business-building 'lead-in program' system designed to help upgrade its members into an income-generating position with iTRAVELPARTY - a high paying Wholesale Travel Company. 

What you are looking at right now is a perfect combination of an amazingly quick and simple lead-in program - 2x2DESTINY and one of the most lucrative income opportunities to come along in a generation - iTRAVELPARTY.  

In iTRAVELPARTY, you will see a compensation plan that pays EVERYONE…even if you never refer a single person! You will see a Plan and System that Combines THE TWO HOTTEST BUSINESS TRENDS EXISTING TODAY - The Internet With The Most Powerful Compensation Plan in The Industry! 

The cost of direct startup entry into iTravelParty is $320.00. We know this cost may be too much for most potential partners.


2x2Destiny was created as a 'feeder' for iTravelParty. The cost is a one time $99.00 but for MLB members this cost can be financed fully with earnings from the MLB Affiliate Plan which means that, as a member of our Team, you do not need to come up with $320.00 or even $99.00 from your pocket. 

MLB helps you earn up to $300.00 and more to cover the cost of your active participation in 2x2Destiny and eventually iTravelParty!

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How Does The 2x2Destiny Lead-in Program System Work?

Our success plan is unlike any other in the MLM industry. The main idea is to help as many people as we can possibly reach to achieve significant financial success that opens a new window to substantial and unlimited success.  

The Success Plan comprises of one 2 Matrix - The 2X2 ULTIMATE BOOSTER Matrix Board - which can grow based on your effort and the effort of both your upline and downline members.

If you have not joined iTravelParty, you can simply join the 'lead-in program' and invite others to join you so that you can get funded to create a qualified paid membership as quickly as possible. That way you get to secure the highest available spot under your Sponsor. 

If you have already joined iTravelParty, you NEED to join the 'lead-in program' so that you can refer your prospects to the lead-in program where they can join under your link. That way when they get upgraded, fill their matrix, they will get funded to create a qualified paid membership in your iTP downline. 

We have a fast-moving matrix that has been designed to reward our members with commissions quickly.

Let's prosper! 

This article was published on 11.07.2016 by John Dierksmeier
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