50/50 Crowdfunding You Get Half Forever!

Hi , Exciting Program to Work from Home.

You Get Half Forever !  


5050 Crowdfunding is the World's First Crowdfunding System That Allows  

You To Receive Half Of Everything That Happens in your Matrix Forever ! 

It is Based on the World Famous Mobius Loop and the System G Technology,  

which is the most Successful 2x2 Follow Me Matrix in History. 

We are a Cooperative Crowdfunding System that Provides Both Help From  

Above and Below. You can receive Donations Minutes After you Register. 

5050 CF is a Peer to Peer System, which means there is No Waiting  

For A Matrix to Fill, No Middleman and 100% of all Donations are  

Immediately Assigned to a Beneficiary.  

5050 CF Provides you with an Easy to Navigate, Totally Automated Dashboard  

that Displays Everything in Real-Time to Allow You to Monitor Your Donations  

Second by Second. 

This 2x2 is just One Time Out Of Pocket Donation Ever.  I joined at $250 Level 

50% Always Goes To You!!!  

You get two and you break even.  Teach your two to do the same.  

Cycle with just 6 people and do this Over & Over again. 

When your 2x2 Matrix fills, another one automatically and immediately  

opens for you to receive more donation without additional effors or requirements. 

This is a great way to fund your needs as well as others. 

We're working with a team that's moving very fast, if you like to Earn some extra income this is it,

We all have primary businesses we're promoting, sometimes Income streams come from other biz-ops

and you owe to yourself to take a look.


That is so true right now, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Our Team has all the tools to get you started in the right direction to be successful, it's up to

you to make a move, we will help you moving forward. The website explains a lot on the 2x2 matrix al on with a short webinar, make sure you check it out and make an decision.


Tommy Ashworth 

Let's Have a Conversation!

This article was published on 13.10.2018 by Tommy Ashworth
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