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Hello to all,

My name is Catherine and was recently introduced to the world of Network marketing after I tried the Kyani Triangle of Health. My husband works in a Mercedez-Benz dealership and one day a gentleman walked in to buy himself a brand new Benz. After speaking with this gentleman, he discovered that he was a high school teacher with a part time job in Kyani and that in 4 months he had reached the rank of Ruby. He was eligible for his Dream Car. Yes Kyani has a Dream Car program. After further discussion my husband found out the benefits of the health product and thought immediately that it could benefit me and came home with a Kyani 7 day trial. I can honestly say it changed my life! You see, I have had sleeping issues for the last several years and nothing I did improved my sleep quality. As well, I started to get major inflammation on my joints caused by Osteo-Arthritis, not to mention the constant fatigue..... My medical Doctor tried to help by prescribing me sleeping pills and other drugs, but I never wanted to take them and thank god I did not!

After 5 days taking the Triangle, I started to see a difference in the quality of my sleep and the inflammation in my body started to reduce. I continued for a second week and by then I was sleeping solid nights and my aches and pains where reduced by 90%.

I love Kyani and decided that I wanted to spread the word and become a Distributor. This company is solid and has been in business for 10 years now which is important to know when choosing a Network Marketing company. I currently have a team of 12 people who all love the product and who are motivated like me to also create wealth for themselves through this amazing industry.  

I am part of a team within Kyani called TEAM FUSION. This team started 24 months ago and is currently growing at an extraordinary speed with thousands and thousands of new distributors around the world.

I invite you to download the free Team Fusion App and enter as my guest to watch the 22 minute webinar that explains the compensation plan. (The link below is for IPhone but the App is available for Androids as well via Google Play ) (Guest code 2588504)

As well, below is my website where you can order the product and join my team!

If you are interested to join a team that is going straight to the TOP, whether you have experience in Network marketing or not, please contact me. We are looking for leaders with integrity and good work ethics to expand our team further in North America and internationally   

Best Regards and Good Luck to all,

Catherine Martorana

This article was published on 14.09.2016 by Catherine Martoran
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Team Fusion Kyani - Triangle of Health , 700 USD to join Join

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Catherine Martoran The guest access code for the Team fusion APP is : 2588504 sorry it was missed in the announcement   1 year ago

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