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Dear Marketer,

Have you ever noticed at the end of the week, how much time & effort you have put into promoting your business or offer? If you take into consideration all the time you spend on Safelists, writing and posting your ads in the hope that someone will see your ads. Then we have Traffic Exchanges, clicking on ads so you have enough credits to post your own ads. What about the time you troll the social media sites, even Skype contacts waiting for them to appear online so you can connect with them in the hope of gaining their trust so you can convert them into your downline.......when you add it up it certainly is a long period of time each week.

One thing most forget to do is have some FUN! You have to take time each week to get away from the computer. Don't talk about your business, unwind and enjoy time with your family, or before long you won't have a family to enjoy. 
Play a sport or watch some sport. I am sure you had a favorite football or basketball team. Get your body active again and you will find that when you do this not only will your body feel better the mind also will feel better.

Those that can balance the work and leisure time will be most successful. I am going to let you in on  little secret. It is possible to combine both worlds into one. Combining both business and leisure into one so that you can actually relax, have fun and earn at the same time. If you read on you will find out how this is possible.

When it comes to having fun the thing I like most is getting into my favorite sports. Here in Australia Rugby League is one of those sports that is BIG here and I have my favorite team. I am a fan of the Paramatta Eels. In your country you may follow the Miami Dolphins or the Dallas Cowboys. Following them gives you the greatest pleasure, especially if they are winning. 
NOW there is a new sporting App launching very soon that offers you the ability to follow your team and play socially along with your friends, family, city, and play along with live games on TV. Nothing is being done like this in the world. It WILL be the hottest and most viral app around, and it launches in the US fall. I can actually earn when any of my FREE players that are coded to me (and that can be infinitely deep) play the App for FREE. I also earn a matching check from affiliates (like myself) who earn from their FREE players. This is the most awesome thing I can think of. Giving people enjoyment following their own team for FREE and then earning myself a residual income just for inviting others to play a FREE app.

I am looking for players that want to play and enjoy this app when it comes out. Give yourself some down time. It will improve your mental attitude when it comes to focusing on business. Because this App is invite only you can pre register and receive a join code so when the App launches you will be the first to join. You can do that here

If you are interested in being an Affiliate then I would get you to register here and I will send you a code to to get set up so you can build your players also. You can do that here

Either way this new Sporting App WILL go viral and will bless those who are affiliates so you have to decide what is right for you.....player or affiliate.

BTW cost for affiliates at launch time will be a one time $29.95 and then an ongoing $9.95 per month and that's it......probably cheaper than the MLM you are promoting now.

See you at the top


This article was published on 11.07.2016 by Paul Haycock
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