The Coinspace Opportunity is for all SERIOUS Investors and Leaders:

There will be Phenomonal growth and a very healthy return on your investment?

- Real mining centres running 24/7/365 days a year in Slovenia, Iceland, China and a new centre which is about to open in the USA.

- Investments are used to buy state of the art up to date computer hardware which mines several different coins - 1 year contract – we have videos of our mining centres on youtube?

Coinspace are the only cryptocurrency in the world where they have visual proof of the coins being mined meaning that coinspace ARE THE REAL DEAL.

- You are the co-owner of computing power and hardware systems in the mining centres for a period of 1 year.

- The only way to produce REAL money and REAL profit is with REAL computing power and hardware! There are no other ways possible?

Coinspace have invested close to 500,000,000 Euros on state of the art, secure and safe hardware, infrastructure and technology which are environmentally and eco friendly, we are the first company in the world to do that.

- Our cloud mining service which will become Open source code – S-coin – released in early 2017, so that IT Professionals can mine the S-coin directly from there homes.

- Decentralized system – open source for other miners.

- Merchant programs being released now, the most impressive and the most revolutionary part of Coinspace Ltd.

- Affiliate, Network Marketing right now, 100,000 members so far and growing fast. High demend means a higher and stable value for the s-coin (supply and demand)?

- Decentralised system – open public wallets –the users are owners of the coin.

- Early 2017 - S-Coin wil be released into the open cryptocurrency market, Guaranteed value no lower than 1 Euro Per S-Coin, Great or Great?

- Backed by other cryptocurrencies and commodities, therefore real value behind the currency! NOBODY HAS EVER DONE THIS BEFORE!!!!

- Paperwallets – guarantee you more security and safety.

CoinSpace is a company that is already mining other top and profitable cryptocurrencies in the market today?

We are launching our own S-coin at the end of this year, it will be open source and will be available on 3 external exchanges.

The Company is also working on 40 plus different projects that will be available after launch, some of them are merchant services.

Paper Wallet system, lotteries, casinos, Cash machines, etc etc..

The Vision: The Company will introduce a user friendly, safe and secure global payment method system worldwide.

How does it work ?

As a user you join for free at first, then you purchase a package starting from €300 - €700 - €1500 - € 3000 - €6000 - €12000 or €24000! Depending upon what you can afford?

Now with these packages you get a super computer in a mining centre full or shared depends upon the size of your packages.

Company maintains and manages these computers and mines other Cryptocurrencies and our own S-coin at the same time.

So as a miner what do you get?

You get profit shares in the form of S-Coins in liquid shape that you can sell back to the company every 14 days without any limit on €0.50 rate and that's your residual income.

However if you wait until the launch then the coin value will definitely be €1.0 on the day of launch, very quickly rising in value after the Launch.

Hold off on trading your coins for as long as possible if you can, they will continue to go up and up in value?

Join Coinspace family and exploit the potential of the company.

For Joining Open This Link

This article was published on 09.11.2016 by Hans Huebert
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