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Join My Team : Earning Residual "Income For Life"

 My name is Joseph, but my friends call me Jody, for short. I would like to tell you about my network marketing business  opportunity. To get started all you will  need is  a good  internet connection, and a Cell-Phone , Tablet, Lap-top,or P.C. {Personal Computer} to start a full or part-time business, working from home. When you sign-up and subscribe for free. We will give you free training,  and introduce you to our proven marketing System.You will have an opportunity to sell your wares too, or anything you desire using our back-office and versatile marketing platform. We have many streams of Income associated and incorporated in your new business aventure. All under one S.F.I Banner{Strong Future International} including Ecommerce, Free Personal Shop-Store where you can  sell over 30,000 products and earn daily commissions, through sales, and marketing. As mentioned before you will have an opportunity to sell your wares too, or anything you desire using our back-office and versatile marketing platform.  S.F.I {Strong Future International} provides our own Mini-Search-Engine, with  a State of the Art Data-base, where a key-word will bring up, many associated topics and subjects at the click of a link, in a flash!  

We are proud to be associated with the B.B.B. {Better Business Bureau} and remain solid and  totally trustworthy members for over 20 years, indeed we are now in our 27th year.

Indeed we can say we hold business security, and that of our members to be most important.

Cyber security has become a must, no matter what online genre, or field of business you are associated with.  

We have more than 1000,000 members World-wide, and are recruiting 3,000 to 4000 New Affiliate members every day. More than over 50 Free expert {Launch-pad}  getting started tutorials and  training lessons are available, plus our own Exclusive  T.V. Video  Station, reaches  out to New Affiliates, through our simple  step by step instructions in a friendly confident manner. No stone is left unturned to make new members feel comfortable, and to  welcome them in every way possible, all the while being mindful of a new member being shy on their first  day of entering  a new business adventure , and in a respecful manner. We have an Instant  Chat-box to get in touch with new members, the moment they arrive to greet them and to extend a warm welcome   immediately, when they join our Awesome Business Community.

This is a message to my team members.


I hope you are well and staying safe.

You and I have been associated and connected through SFI, recently and over the past years, you have joined, perhaps you were a new SFI Affiliate, who could not manage logging in again, or your circumstances changed, or you had a personal reason to not become active. . 

I am including and sharing a video I made explaining how making a good living is possible using the internet.

I wish you a happy Christmas Holiday, & a happier 2021 new year.

I hope you will take a quiet moment and remember all the lovely people who risk their lives every day, looking after our sick, and people affected by the deadly Covid  pandemic.

"Please remember prevention is better than cure"

Please remember to stay 2 meters apart, and observe social distancing, while drinking plenty of water, this will  help wash away the Covid 19 Virus through the kidneys.    

P.S.Enjoy the video.

I Have to "Congratulate" my team for never Giving Up.!! 

Our Esteemed Team Movers.

Who log-in every day and give their all, through thick and thin.

Sometimes we may be feeling down & out,

But our Team Spirit and Strength of Character and Resilience Shines Through!!

Thank you one and all :

Thank you New Team Leaders

Thank you New & Re-qualifying Executive Affiliates.

Let us celebrate our Success and Look forward to a Better Brighter December Holiday Season and New 2021.

We hope we will all  soon  be K19 Covid Virus Free, with the wonderful new Anti-Virus Vaccine, that will be available for our Awesome awesome, awesome, Front-line workers. Our Aged Seniors Community  and people with underlying medical conditions will be  primarily vaccinated. Then it will be available for One and  All.

Stay safe and well


Joseph Doyle . S.F.I.  Team Leader.          

This article was published on 02.12.2020 by Joseph Doyle
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S.F.I. - New Business Opp, Free to join

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