Traffic Monsoon Update. The DADDY of all affiliate opportunities.

A Quick update on Traffic Monsoon,

I purchase traffic to my MLM Gateway referral link from here I'm expecting 10,000 over the next 50 days. For every $50 I spend I get $55 back due to revenue share. And they are all network marketers. My total downline on here is 2024

Traffic Monsoon is The Daddy of all ‪#‎affiliate‬ programs

I have now been in for 7 or so weeks, After going to a Traffic Monsoon event in Manchester UK I decided to buy my first ad-pack. This costs me $50, I paid via & it give me 1000 visitors to my affiliate sites & pays me back $55.

Yes, 1000 hits and 10% return on the cost of my traffic AND profits for sales on my affiliate sites

Two days later I purchased 3 more, thats another 3000 hits.The people who are earning incredible money buy 10-15 ad-packs, then start to compound them. By this I mean if you have 10 ad-packs, you are making 10 dollars a day (YOU EARN A DOLLAR BACK A DAY FOR 55 DAYS WITH EVERY ADPACK) after 5 days you can buy another ad-pack, then you are on 11 dollars a day, wait 5 days buy another, now you are on 12 dollars a day, wait 4 days, you can but another and now you are on 13 dollars a day, In Manchester I met people with between 8 – 4000 ad-packs. There is a lady in Liverpool who had 13,000, (YES, THATS $13000 DAILY) her original target was 300. She achieved this by compounding AND referring people therefore growing an incredible additional income.

Anyhow, 10 or so days later I got my 5th adpack (another 1000 hits) from my commissions & I have been continuing this way since & buying a few more from my commissions from other affiliate opportunities . I currently have 14,000 hits from network markers heading towards my sites and landing pages

My target is 300 adpacks. which will lead to 300 dollars a day plus more as I compound and 150,000 visitors to my sites every month.

JOIN FOR FREE TODAY and take some time to look around traffic monsoon, have a look on YouTube, watch some videos. This really is an incredible opportunity if you can really understand what can be achieved with it. I am now sending thousands of visitors to my affiliate accounts AND I'm getting paid for it AND compounding that money.

Remember I am generating incomes from the two affiliate sites I send my traffic monsoon visitors to. I intend to use these to fund my ad-packs.

Any how that's all for now, Sign up free and say hello.

If I can help you let me know

The SCREEN SHOTS are from my UK Up line.

This article was published on 28.06.2016 by Kevin Duffy
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Kevin Duffy Bump  1 year ago
Kevin Duffy I just got my 6th adpack  1 year ago
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