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My name is David and I’ve been doing online marketing for 6 years now and like many, I started without much knowledge on how to market my offers.

There were many products and programs to join and I did join some of them but was unsuccessful most of the time. It seemed like some where getting sales but not me.


That’s simple now for me to understand.

No one likes to be approach with an offer that you are told must buy!

Direct marketing is for the pros that know how to sell with pressure and is unpleasant for everyone. What I`ve learned was that you must know how to get peoples trust. Once they trust you, you can invite them into what ever program your in and they will learn how to do the same for their prospects with your help and guidance.

Today after failing at doing Affiliate Marketing for close 5 years, I finally understand what was not working and why. One major obstacle was getting people to buy or join the MLM Programs.

It is better if not imperative that you get to know them first and when you have established a solid connection you then invite them to your team, a team must be in place before joining any programs and that can be done absolutely free.

It takes time and effort to enroll a new member sometimes I take 1 to 2 hours with a new prospect. Get to know the person before inviting them to join is a much better way then trying to simply get them to join your offers through advertisement. I tried almost everything on the market and can say it's not easy to enroll a new member using ads. You will have likes on facebook but that about all your going to get.

My goal is to help you start on the right foot because your success is my success. So I’m here to make it easy for you.

If you join my team I will tell you what works and what doesn't as I spent allots of money on advertisement and most don't work. One great place to find MLM leads is here at MLMGateWay so you have already the best chances to get real results here rather then spending your money on traffic. Traffic can work when you have a website to send people to see all of your offers at one place. One link to promote instead of all your affiliate and MLM Programs. 

World Team Builder is FREE.  And you can work at your own pace

HERE is the link click on it to join in one of the best team builders ever!

You will not regret joining World Team Builder and you will see your income possibilities live as your team is growing in your customized website. You will get excited when you receive your first commissions!

So come on in and join me at World Team Builder, it’s free and you will have guidance and help from me I promise!

To Your Success!

Best Regards: David P Girouard. email:

Your World Team Builder Sponsor!

This article was published on 16.12.2016 by David Girouard
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World Team Builder - Awesome Team Builder, Free to join

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