WeHPM, It´s like gold only better!

WeHPM is the great device to create, multiply and encourage using crypto-currencies in a obvious and worthwhile manner via sharing loyalty points. 


How it really works

5 steps to get admission to the great of the marketplace on a platform a good way to get you started out in the world of cryptocurrency.

The opportunity

Our platform is a solution combining generation and innovation to provide and multiply crypto-currencies with extraction, masternode, purchase and sale strategies and various operations in the international's nice automated NanoTech robot exchanges. And LQXcoin monetary partnerships.

HPM Fractions

Put your parts in HPM and be a part of a private outcomes-sharing pool where earnings come from mining, shopping for and selling, Masternode and the NanoTech set of rules that runs 24 hours an afternoon, 7 days per week. Days out of seven, so one can multiply the profits several crypto-currencies.

What is HPM?

HPM is sort of a virtual token that generates LQX loyalty factors in foreign money, it represents the shared sharing of WE program portfolio consequences, is different throughout a couple of market transactions seamlessly with all of them at the Blockchain network.

Why purchase HPM?

By hiring HPM, you amplify your cryptocurrency enjoy and earn loyalty points for the employer's satisfactory cryptocurrency operations within the industry. To participate, actually purchase LQXcoin from one of our official partners and area it in HPM.

How is HPM fashioned?

60% of mining and masternode of the primary crypto-currencies of the market.

10% of cryptographic funds selected by the enterprise.

10% investments in era and associate sites.

10% Ecosystem creation for using LQXcoin cryptocurrency.

10% Buy and promote crypto-currencies.

HPM schooling can vary programs for greater profitable and safer go back products.

We assignment the norms and love freedom like you!

"We present the best opportunity that marks history for greater than 3 years"

In July 2016, Antonio Silva, a visionary Brazilian, invited pals to enter the cryptocurrency market. The original idea become to create a unmarried membership to collect bitcoins and purchase bulk extraction machines without delay from the manufacturer in China and build a personal pool sharing the profits.

The club has grown to come to be considered one of the most important crypto corporations with hundreds of associates doing business international on WeBusiness structures.



If you want to shop for crypto-currencies and do not recognise which to pick, WeHPM is for you!

Join this system and become an associate member by means of participating within the production and multiplication effects of several crypto-currencies by way of acquiring your HPM fraction and incomes loyalty factors.

WeHPM is the first worldwide affiliate application for the production and multiplication of cryptocurrency thru loyalty points. The more you operate crypto-currencies on our platform, the greater points you will acquire and you'll be capable of redeem them for Crypto-currency LQXcoin and with it, trade in opposition to different crypto purchases from our network of partners and affiliates.

As a PREMIUM affiliate, you can have HPM fractions and construct a client base by receiving loyalty factors as quickly as an HPM settlement is subscribed by contributors of your portfolio. Each time you check with HPM, it gets HPM bonuses and offers you a TPC praise (loyalty factors) that may be redeemed for LQXcoin currency, still 31 days after their technology, that's the time needed for enterprise to carry out its operations.

WARNING: Rent simplest the amount of HPM you'll no longer omit, the cryptocurrency market consists of risks, we do not guarantee minimum or constant and guaranteed results. Look for a WeHPM indicator and examine our running guide.

The blessings

6 reasons to sign up for the WeHPM software

Economic version

WeHPM has a commercial enterprise version wherein 100% of the amounts paid are used for the production and multiplication of crypto-currencies via various operations which includes mining, masternode, arbitrage and investments in cryptographic finances nevertheless operating. With worldwide companions, developing an LQX forex move surroundings.

Compensation Model

The program administrator develops technologies and configures the credit-sharing device, inclusive of TPC air miles (Crypto loyalty factors), and also ensures screw ups or problems that can arise along the way in alternate for the profitability it is able to get. At the stop of the rent.


The loyalty factors generated can be exchanged after a minimum of 40 days for the LQXcoin currency which can be exchanged at our companions or negotiated in P2P. The results displayed on our internet site or social media are usually estimates based on the contemporary results and aren't fixed or net ensures, with weekly variations.

Affiliate Program

We have developed the WeHPM Affiliate Program to provide you awesome rewards for the consequences of the formation of a Affiliate Team, used for buy on all companion networks.

Physical Structure

The crypto-currencies to be produced want a physical structure and effective machines that consume quite a few strength, generation and cooling. WeHPM performs all operations seamlessly the use of the MDX Rental S / A and PayTecno Global GMBH framework so you can visit or take a look at your on-line transactions in real time.

Security and Warranty

We offer our partners sensible and favorable conditions for the production and multiplication of crypto-currencies, however the end result is usually variable. The lease time period for HPM software or hardware may range from 210 to 420 days, depending on the lease processing electricity in your HPM token.

We do no longer provide consequences by way of getting into human beings or your preliminary investment, but best direct them if you want to create a portfolio of customers who want to enter the cryptography marketplace.

Business version

We are the first and simplest platform active within the worldwide market to permit us to create and multiply shared currencies.

No technical understanding in cryptocurrency is required.

Contracts with precise situations depending on your initial rent.

Bonus for your productiveness in LQX reward and change factors.


Educate, train, inform and facilitate the get entry to and use of all customers of the virtual forex marketplace because it gains worldwide popularity by using developing an smooth-to-recognize and broadly on hand associate gadget public.


To emerge as the biggest shared cryptocurrency loyalty software in the global via 2022, referenced within the production, multiplication and use of virtual currencies the use of the most superior era inside the patron electronics industry. Cryptography, developing scalable authentic answers.

This article was published on 05.12.2019 by Ivan Sanchez
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WeHPM - INVESTMENTS, 100 USD to join

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