I believe, I recieve! Get to a place that you Win, because you will see Vision!

Good Day,

I am very confident that , when you believe - I mean your mindset and actions are working towards the positive: I receive ! - I mean you will start to see the progress of the power of belief.

When there are opportunities to increase your wealth of knowledge, please take advantage of it.  I have been a firm believer in, you must always been a student of self development.  My week always consist of at least 3 phone communications with the following:

Live Leadership Call - Every Friday Morning - Coffee Shop Call - please click the link below to take a listen


Live Training Call - Every Monday Night - Institution Call - please click the link below to take a listen


Live Mr All Business Call - Scheduled Only - Hosted by Shawn Robinson - please email me to arrange a Live call with a topic of choice to nspirephillyleads@gmail.com    -  please click the link below to take a listen


The links listed above are just a snap shot of the tools I am a part of , when it comes to self development. 

When I looked up the work believe, I found this : accept something as true; feel free of the truth of.

Wow! Just imagine if we could accept something as true.  There is s much to see in this.  I have always heard of people judging a book by its cover.  Most of the time that term is used when there is a negative gesture involved. I like to express the change of mindset.  We should actually allow our goals and dreams, as accepted as true versus allowing, fear to occupy the space that FAITH should occupy. 

I want all to read this and take the time to listen to the snap shots of some of the calls that I use for self development.  I would open the chance to communicate to other leaders within this network.  Please, keep in mind, when you believe, you will receive.  Special thanks to the following: Demond Crump, John Harley, Jason Gill, Ed Opher and many others.

Thanks for taking the time to read this announcement and look forward to reading your success stories.

Shawn Robinson out of Philadelphia - NSpirePhillyLeads@gmail.com -

This article was published on 12.03.2017 by Shawn R
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