So my question today to ponder over and think about is -

Do you like helping people succeed?  

I’m all about helping people succeed with their business.  A lot of people fail at network marketing and team building in their business, because they don’t know where to go to find people to join them.  It has taken me a long time to research, do online courses, attend live webinars, watch replays of webinars, and have read books to help me achieve success. 

I want to pass that on to my team.  Let me do the hard work and stay the course with me !!

This can be for anyone, it is open to everyone, it fits around full time work, or part time work, and eventually can replace your everyday job. 

Of course in this business there are going to be some up and some down moments, probably at the beginning more down, but we need to stay on the course, and see it through. 

The thought of owning and running your own business is a very daunting thought, even though we all would like the perfect life and work balance.  We have seen people achieve this, we have read the success stories !! And we think to ourselves daily “Why can’t that be me”.  The thought of doing it on our own is scary, hence why I love to help people. 

We are also put off business opportunities because the very thought of selling to family and friends is a NO NO, again this is why I love to help people. 

I have tried all sorts of ways to make money online, and I had always come to a stop at a certain point.  That point of where i needed to grow my team.  I thought to myself “everyone else is doing this, why is it so hard for me? What am i doing wrong?”.  So i decided to learn, and learn I did... 

I help people in my team do the same as me, and grow not by pestering people, not by selling stuff, but by asking the questions?

So let me help you do the same thing as me, lets grow your team together, let me share my knowledge with YOU !!

I can guide you and your business to success, if you want me to and want to be successful. 

This article was published on 31.07.2020 by Sharon Dearing
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