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Precious metals are one of the top choice for generational wealth building along with art, wine and other collectibles. People today in general are unaware of the value of of silver, gold, bullion, numismatic coins and other collectibles. Here is a short video asking random people on the street about it.

Here is a short story about wealth building strategies with a little history about real money. 

Hi my name is Paul Bilek, i'm from

Lasalle Ontario Canada.

I'm lucky to have been

introduced to this company by a good

friend of mine  and i've been with wealth legacy and

freedom three and a half weeks

i already ranked up and i'm getting my

second pay this Sunday.

i introduced a few others and helped

another rank up and she's getting her pay

this Sunday.

Getting gold and or silver

monthly makes sense

converting the de-valuating paper

money into God's money.

What i love most about

this company though

is the fundamental principle of people

helping people.

I'm blessed and grateful

that i am able to help other families

attain their freedom.

You probably know the value of gold and silver

and probably already own some of it

yourself and definitely want more,

but you're wondering why 7k?

We have a different kind of model

we have built and leveraged

relationships spanning the globe in the

precious metals industry

to bring you an exclusive membership

model that for the first time

regardless of your financial

circumstances or how little you have to

spend makes buying gold and silver easy and

accessible to you.

Here at 7k metals we use the

power of gold and silver

to provide a way for people like you to

create financial independence

preserve wealth and live an exceptional life.

A small part of our exclusive

membership is giving you access to the power of

precious metals at the absolute

best price how we cut out the middlemen

and act as our own broker wholesaler and

dealer saving you money and making buying

precious metals even more affordable.

In the traditional model of buying gold

and silver by the time it gets to you

it is passed through many different

people who each take a cut

before passing it to the next sometimes

it passes through as many as four to

five people or organizations

being marked up each time before you

have access to purchase it

we do things differently.

As i mentioned we cut out

everyone in the middle and offer gold

and silver to you at extremely

competitive prices oh

and did we mention there are no minimums

or maximums.

One of the major advantages of

your new membership

is we do the work for you most people

avoid buying numismatic and collectors

coins simply because they're scared don't

understand their true value

and have no idea what they're looking

for but the truth is

if you're not buying collectors coins

you likely are going to repeat the 1.2 million

dollar mistake.

This is what a certain collection of

coins is worth today if you had just

purchased one of them a month since 1986.

The good news is you don't have to repeat the same

mistake twice we do the research for you and put

collecting coins on autopilot now you're probably no

newbie to silver and gold

and know there are many reasons why

collecting coins is a smart thing to do

but that doesn't mean it's easy why

because of discipline

most people today lack the discipline to

do the small things

that will lead to big things over time

this is why we created the auto saver


it's an optional program in 7k metals

but one of the things we are most loved

for basically we will send you a collector's

coin every single month

at the end of the year you'll be able to

look back and see that you've been

collecting something that will change

your life forever something that will have a

lasting impact for generations to come

fact is you're going to spend the money

anyway so you might as well spend it on

something that will help you accumulate

real wealth our auto saver or coin of

the month program.

As we sometimes call it not only helps

you with discipline but also get you in the coin collecting

game which is one of the most valuable

things we learned as we researched gold

and silver we had no idea how valuable and how easy

it is to collect the right coins

when you know what you're doing so by

participating in our auto saver program

you get all these benefits in several

different options the silver eagle is a favorite but some

of the other collections and options

make it feel like Christmas is hitting

your doorstep every single month rest assured we have

an option that will fit you in fact most members

have a hard time choosing

just one option so they choose two or

three our promise to you

is that whatever option you choose it

will have the things that make

each one valuable rarity and story

not only can there be a lot of money

with these collectibles

but they're the most fun for people of all ages.

So by choosing to become a member of 7k

metals you get access to our buyer certification

program with no monthly commitment

access to silver and gold at the best

price no minimums

no maximums period access to our

exclusive auto saver program.

Watch this live zoom meeting replay with two of my business partners Tony Hubbard $7k/week earner and Pete Katchev $3,500/week earner

Relax, get your favorite drink and pop-corn and enjoy.

This article was published on 25.04.2021 by Paul Bilek
Author's business opportunity:

7kMetals - precious metal, 499 USD to join

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