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Hey, how's it going?

How do you like this background? I'm not sure what city it is, but this is called sketchbook, I believe. And it's very, oh, it's Paris because that's the Arc de Triomphe. All right, so I'm coming to you from Paris in a line drawing.

The reason I'm doing that is continuing this series I've got, it's given me new ideas, and I want to talk about simplicity, and why it's so important.

Because so many marketers get all the latest tools and equipment, with the bells and the whistles and they're thinking about all this stuff that they can do, and they don't even know how to use it. And whenever they want to get something done, they spend more time attempting to learn to use the tool than actually producing anything. It reminds me, I've been this way my whole life... maybe you have too.

I remember when I was very young and first married, I got a microwave oven, and this thing was huge by today's standards. It was probably two feet wide and a foot and a half tall and two feet deep. It was just enormous. And the thing was, you could do anything with this microwave. Not only was it a microwave, but it also was a convection oven, so you could bake in it. Normally you could microwave, you could microwave and bake so that you cook it on the inside and brown it on the top at the same time. You could dry meat and fruit too. Make jerky and fruit roll ups.

All this cool stuff that you could do, and I paid three times as much for it as any other microwave because I got to have the best. Well all I ever did with that thing was shove things in it, hit the on button and heat it up. So I could have saved myself several hundred dollars and never missed it because I never used all the things that microwave could do.

It is a lot like that with marketing tools. You can spend an unlimited amount of money on all the latest, greatest things. Oh look at this video tool. You can make your videos do this, and oh look at this funnel building tool. You can do all kinds of amazing things with that. But then you got to have an email system and this thing can do all this stuff.

By the time you're done making things so incredibly complicated, you never end up actually putting an offer in front of an interested party, which is the only thing you should be worried about doing. First off, in every morning until you're established, but all day, every day, until you're having a consistent income.

When you're new, so many people get this wrong and what happens? You spend all of your money on the latest tools and equipment, and newsletters, and courses, and all these things, and you have no money left for what's important. Which is buying traffic, buying ways to get people to see an offer that you have, or paying somebody to build you an offer page, or paying somebody to write your copy, or paying somebody to do your ads on Facebook. Whatever it is that you need money for, that's designed specifically to get people who are interested to look at your offers, so you can make sales and bring in some money.

Once you do that, you may find out that doing it the simple way suits you, and keep doing it that way because your profit margins will be much higher. Or you can beat things up a little bit as you go along, and add a little bit of Glitz and Glam and shiny bells and whistles.

But the point is, you're never going to get to that position unless and until you spend all of your effort on getting interested people in front of your offers, and testing different offers, until you find one that works.

So keep it simple, just like this video. And as a matter of fact, I use this little video app on my phone and the app is free and it works great. And as long as I'm getting my point across to you, it doesn't even matter if I use some funky, weird thing like this sketchbook or the different scenes they have on there. It's all very easy, very simple. And I get my message out every day. That's exactly what you're after.

Simple and easy start right here.

That's all I got for right now. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

From the Paris line drawing, I'm out.

This article was published on 22.08.2019 by Dave Kotecki
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