How World Ventures Changed My Life

I started world ventures one day when my barber asked me to come to this meeting. He wouldnt tell me what it was about he just told me to come. I trusted him because he cut my hair and did a great job so i figured hey why the heck not. I went to this meeting and when i arrived i was greeted by everyone in the room with hugs and they made me feel very welcome. It was like they were treating me like family. The vibe in that movie room was just an unexplainable feeling. After a few minutes of mingling and talking the presentation was getting ready to start. I didnt know what to expect so i just sat down and tuned in for whatever was coming. Fast forwarding through the presentation part im gonna tell you guys what it was composed of and what my initial thoughts on it were. It was composed of a membership to travel the world and a way to make some extra money on the side.The Business side was completely optional as well. Me being the skeptic i am had to do some intensive research before i decided to join this because ive been scammed in the past. After my research i learned that this was indeed a great business opportunity. World ventures is audited be earnst and young which is the #1 privately owned auditing firm in the world, they were rated #1 travel club in north america,  andThere founders were nominated for entrepreneurs of the the year, and robert kiyosaki endorsed them. if  you dont know who he is google him. he is known as the mentor to the millionaires and wrote the best selling book rich dad poor dad. After discovering all of this i was confident that this was the opportunity i have been looking for so i joined and never looked back. World ventures is the best thing thats every happened to me. its allowed me to travel the world with some of the best people ive ever met in my life and we all help each other get to where we want to get to. Its a family, and you will make some of the best friends of your entire life here while making money and having fun. im blessed to say in 1 years time or less i'll be able to fire my boss thanks to world ventures. this isnt a get rich quick deal. you put in alot of work 1 time and your results are unlimited, you put in a little bit of work and you can expect a little bit of money. in order to join world ventures you have to know someone already in. the business uses word of mouth marketing as a marketing strategy. the same way facebook,uber,pokemon go was built . i couldnt explain everything about the opportunity in this post but if you'd like to know more in detail such as the 3 different memberships, how to get your membership dues waved for life, how world ventures pays you go to and click on 2. play the video but allow it some time to buffer. the video is about 18 minutes long so only watch it if you have time. if this opportunity is for you exit out of the video and hit sign up and use my rep ID which is 68045439. this isnt for everyone and we're only looking for people who are looking for us. 
This article was published on 06.09.2016 by Deontae Word
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