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Do's and Don'ts of Barter and Trade (PART 2)

Do's and Don'ts of Barter and Trade (PART 2)

Money is an effective means of exchange for the products and services we want but when it does not exist we need to make new rules to follow for the fair and safe exchange of goods and services.

Barter is not the same thing as using money as a neutral and mutually acceptable medium of trade, just using things like pills, salt, booze, or ammo in place money creates a whole new complexity to the exchange of goods. How much of this is worth so much of that? Rarity or demand for goods will also effect the ratio of trade.

Today you can exchange money for food or shelter, entertainment, or or anything you want any time you want because money doesn't expire or go bad, it has no "Use by" or "Best before date", something most necessities usually do have.

In contrast, when bartering, you need to consider "what it is you expect to do with the item you are receiving" in the exchange and how soon are you going to use it or how long will it last? It is a bad idea to accept an item whose shelf life does not meet your needs or if you are uncertain of it's usefulness to you.

You may not have use for an item today but maybe a month from now you may need it but it is no longer available or has been valued beyond your means to trade for it.

(IE they were willing to trade the item for the 2 cans of coffee you had, but now they want 6 bottles of Aspirin, which you don't have.)

Worse yet, you trade for something you think you "might" be able to trade up but then nobody wants it and your stuck with it. Think of the earlier mentioned .22 ammo... it's only good if I have a .22 or know someone who has a 22 AND needs 22 ammo AND has something I can trade them the ammo for that I need.

Basically even though "money" as we know it today may not exist it is most likely that a standardized form of exchange medium will come into being, be it ammo, copper, silver or gold.

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This article was published on 15.02.2017 by Udo Hoffmann
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