#CUSTOMER - Here you buy Piuni products and services for personal use (voucher).

#AGENT- You buy Piuni products and services in wholesales prices for onward retailing and personal use. (voucher).

#AFFILIATE - This is the medium at which you combine the two afore mentioned ways plus recruiting/prospecting while you earn bonuses and commissions from group sales.

The company also has four(4) packages in which one can become an affiliate :

(1). Pro-affiliate - $40 - Here you have access to the company's platform and marketing tools to retail the products and services. Also you get $1000 voucher.

(2).Basic affiliate - $140 - Gets access to the platform and marketing tools, gets $10,000 in retail credit stock (voucher) + $20 complimentary voucher to sample family and friends. Also it gives room for you to earn all bonuses and commission as per compensation plan, and earn up to 20 binary pairs daily in 2 cycles.

(3).Premium affiliate - $540 - This gives you access to the platform and  marketing tools, $100,000 +$80 complimentary voucher and 40 binary pairs daily in 2 cycles (4). Family pack - Gives you all of the above mentioned and also $700,000 worth of voucher + $560 complimentary voucher.

One time payment, real time business platform. The company has no inventory or autoship requirements , no flushing, no demotion, no rank reversal. At Piuni, it's accumulative reward system, daily activities =daily income

At Piuni, you earn up to 80% of the daily credit volume whenever an agent/customer buy or uses any of our value transfer services across the globe.

To earn and share from our retail commission, it is required of an affiliate to refer at least one customer and achieve at least one dollar in daily sales of our value transfer services across the globe.

Piuni gives you an opportunity  to earn massively: imagine you earning $10 on pro  - affiliate pack, $100 on premium affiliate pack, $700 on family pack (as you directly refer them). There's no limit to how many affiliates you can refer and earn per day

Now this is the big picture, this had been giving me sleepless nights : Let's assume you have only 5 people whom you believe can do this business and that can replicate you by getting 5 each, and copy that up to 9th generation.... This is massive wealth. Encourage each affiliate in your team to do just $1 daily sales. If this can be done, on daily basis you get $4,885.50, on monthly basis - $146,565, and yearly you get a whopping - $1,758,780. This is massive it's got me thinking about the future of my children, if I can harness this much wealth yearly.

Aside all this, as you grow in the biz and advance in rank the company gives you incentives and commission based on the package and your rank. Also the  company believes that all work, no play makes Jack a dull boy. So in this sense Piuni gives travel award - where you'll be able to explore, meet people and tour the world round, all expense paid by Piuni. But to qualify for this you must an affiliate from the rank of  platinum with 100,000 RV (reward volume) in cumulative teams sales and performance.

PIUNI  believes that good things shouldn't be call luxury, and value their affiliate so much  that they do not want them to ride on any car that will be little you and the company whom you represent. Therefore  Piuni gives every affiliate from the rank of Diamond with 1,000,000RV (reward volume) in cumulative and team sales performance, a brand new luxurious car on the bill of the company.

At Piuni, we believe every affiliate is a partner. So to crown it all: the company shares 2% of her global revenue amongst the 3 levels of Diamond. And this is shared in ratio 60-20-20 to cover (ranks - Diamond, Black Diamond and Double Diamond) respectively. Payable quarterly... Remember Piuni counts cumulative points, no rank reversal, no inventory, no demotion, no flushing... It's daily activities + daily income =cumulative reward system. So once you're there, you're there no stopping


This article was published on 05.08.2016 by Kingsley B Bulus
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