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Part time, commission income, ready to withdraw, cash

Hello Internet e-commerce merchants recruit part-time promoters, work 15-20 minutes a day, and earn 10-2000$.

Job content: help merchants increase product traffic and improve product ranking

Free part-time

It can be done at home or away from a mobile phone or computer

You need cosmetics, cars, houses, it's beckoning to you

Our platform is to cooperate with major Amazon merchants to help them promote their products and increase the visibility of their stores so that they can improve their ranking on Amazon

Amazon merchants release new products on the platform every day. Our job is to match Amazon products via cell phones using the platform's cloud-based intelligent order system

It doesn't take up your work time and takes only 20 minutes a day to complete tasks on your phone and earn great commissions

What we have to do is make real purchase records on the platform and generate sales data

Increasing sales data is the advertising method of the store.

The same product on the shopping platform will be sold by thousands of online merchants,and our buyers will decide whether to buy the product on the shopping platform based on the store’s sales and praise.Using the platform's virtual orders to simulate real purchases and generate real sales data, merchants will pay us a commission for each completed order.

The sales volume of the product is determined by the exposure of the product, and the sales ranking should also be changed.

The position of the store on the web page is also higher, so that more people can see it, and more people will buy at the same time .

On the contrary, if there is no sales volume, few people can see the products, and no one will buy them. Therefore, product sales data is the core competition among e-commerce merchants.There is an Awe user in the US who has developed a team of more than 2,000 members, including all users from level 1 to 3.

These 2,000 people were earning commissions every day for trading orders for merchants, and the amount of commissions generated was huge.

He gets tens of thousands of dollars in commissions from his team every day

He not only invites his good friends around him to join, but also posts his ads through various Internet social media platforms

Introducing this money-making program to people on the Internet and inviting them to join. The power of the

 Internet is really very greatPlease contact me if you need this part time job



This article was published on 13.09.2021 by Mok Sang Koo
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Amazon Affiliate Marketing - Part time, commissio, Free to join

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