For how long can you hang on to just monthly salary? Look at the direction the economy is going all over the world. Look at how our dwindling purchasing power. Look at how our currency lose value all the time.

Oh, maybe you are saying "But my salary is enough to do whatever I want to do" Yes, that may be true but it is only true for NOW. In a few years, it will not be the same. Galloping inflation would have eaten everything up. Think about this friends, how will things be in 2021?... that's just 5 years away,...2031 that's 10 years from now.

Think... what happens if you lose that salary job you so much depend on? Can you see why many civil servants lie about their age? They do false declaration of age so they can remain in service for longer years They are just scared of life after retirement! Now listen, I'm not a financial guru. I'm just a common sense person. I've read very simple books on these common sense things. All of Kiyosaki's books , Acres of Diamond, The Richest man in Babylon, Think and Grow Rich... and many others. All of them say the same things. And what are they saying? " Don't put your eggs in one basket" What if the basket even breaks?! They also talk about "Multiple Streams of Income"

What am I saying? Money should be made to work for us! Putting money to work and you can relax and do other things while your money brings more money that you can also put yo work! It's a wonderful thing, isn't it? But only few understand this. The few who understand it are those we call "Rich" While the rich sleeps, he's making money! He does nothing, absolutely nothing. He's not more hard working than anyone, only wiser. The money he sends out does everything. Wonderful, isn't it?

The question now is where do I send my money so it can work for me day and night, bringing much more money? I've tried other things but I found this one place where all I've said is possible. It is Onecoin Digital Currency. Onecoin is just on time for me. It's a cryptocurrency far better than its predecessor Bitcoin.

All you need to do is to:

1. Choose a package with your tokens.(Your choice depend on how big your dream is)

2. Wait for split that doubles the number of your tokens.

3. Put your tokens to mining and wait

4. Get your coins!

These coins continues to accrue value over time. When I joined in December 2015, Onecoin that started from a value of €0.01 in January, 2015 was just €3.35. Ten months after, it has gone up to €6.95 now. I have close to 2000 coins. Do the calculation. If the coin goes to about €10.00 within  a short distance from now, what will be the calculation


OneCoin provides a once in a lifetime opportunity, revolutionizing the business world of today’s digital economy. Dr. Ruja Ignatova Founder of OneCoin, has BROKEN every record in the home-based network marketing industry. The OneCoin concept is born out of the success of the pioneering cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. It the fastest company to reach over 2.5million members within 2 years, it is the first company to create over 285 millionaires in its first year, it is the first company to create a Top Earner's monthly incomes of $650,000, and the only Cryptocurrency that is AUDITTED, it is the first company to be in over 183 countries in its first year, the fastest company to reach 1 Billion dollars in its first year, a company that has a product that increasing in value EVERY WEEK and a membership of 2.5 million now. If you've been patient enough to read all my story, do yourself a favour. Join us now before it is too late. You have all to gain.

Please contact me now. This is a lifetime opportunity. It's quite easy. I don't have to be afraid of retirement. I don't have to care about money. Onecoin is making people rich. That's a fact.

You can join for free and then quickly choose a package to upgrade to.

Watch this video then go to this link to sign up free at then choose a package to upgrade to and contact me at (+2348060137692) or on WhatsApp on how to fund your package.

This article was published on 06.09.2016 by Matthew Sola
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