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New Opportunity: You Don't Need To Recruit 5 People To Make Your First $500

Yes, you read right. 

You Don't Need To Recruit 5 People To Make Your First $500 in our business opportunity.

In fact, you do not need to recruit 400, 300, 200, 100, 50, 25, or 10 people.

You only need 2 serious people and you are on your way of making $500 every week.

What opportunity am I talking about? I am talking about the amazing homebased business opportunity called 7K Metals.

Owning gold and silver can help shield you against all of these challenges. And with 7k Metals you’ll see that regardless of your financial circumstances, or how much or how little you have to spend, buying gold and silver is easy and accessible. And not only that, it’s the smart thing to do.

Here at 7k, we use the power of gold and silver to provide a way for people like you to create financial independence, preserve wealth, and live an exceptional life. Through our exclusive membership, we give you access to the power of precious metals, whether it’s in bullion, popular graded coins, jewelry, or collectible low-mintage coins at great prices. And some you will only find here.

How? Because we have eliminated the middlemen and made relationships with major suppliers across the world to offer you the best of the best, allowing you to start buying with confidence, ultimately saving you money and making buying precious metals more affordable.

One of the reasons I joined 7K Metals was because of their unique compensation plan. 

Moreover, they've been able to help the average person make an above average income.

According to my 7K Metals review and what I've learned so far... Yes, people are still placed in your downline, but it's how those people are placed in your downline that makes all the difference.

With 7K Metals you get to take advantage of your upline building out your downline for you.

It's no longer advantageous for someone to sponsor a bunch of people only to leave their downline empty-handed. Not forgetting to mention that most if not all of them in the downline don't have the marketing skill nor charisma to sell anything if their life depended on it.

This means that as your sponsor I don't benefit unless I help you build your downline. And then you don't benefit unless you help your downline benefit and so forth.

What's amazing about the 7K Metal's compensation plan is that your benefits don't stop with the people you help directly below you. You benefit with EVERYONE that comes after you (through infinite levels).

For example, 7K metals, as soon as I sponsored someone on my left and someone on my right, it qualifies me as an Associate, the first paid rank in the 7K Metals compensation plan.

A Point System

And the truth is I can't get paid according to the 7K Metals compensation plan unless I help my direct enrolees build out their business. They, too, will need to rank as an associate in order for me to continue to advance in rank (Cooper, Bronze, Silver, etc).

However, it would serve me best to build out a strong left and right team, at least three levels deep to ensure I can cycle 250 or 500 points on a weekly basis as an "Associate Rank."

You get points from:

Each sponsorship depending on the package picked at the time of sign up

The auto-saver program.

Purchased in your online store, by you or someone else.

Here's what's great about all this...

It may not be your immediate upline, but one that's experienced and has online marketing experience such as myself. Whoever this person is, it's in their best interest to build out their downline in order for them to continue to advance in rank and grow their paychecks.

And guess what? You're in their downline!

Pay Leg vs Strong Leg

Because we benefit through infinite levels one side will typically always be larger in points than the other side because of your upline.

The 7K compensation plan calls this your "strong leg". The weaker leg or one with fewer points they call your pay leg. As soon as you reach 500 points on both sides you will cycle on Sunday at 2am ET time.

Depending on certain conditions, your pay leg goes to zero and your strong leg is deducted by 500. If you have leadership points your weak leg won't go to zero after you cycle.

In order to understand why you accumulate points on your strong leg you cannot think like a pyramid, or it will drive you crazy trying to figure it out.

Basically, if my upline directly enrols Paul to their outer right leg --Paul will show up in my downline even though I haven't sponsored anyone directly yet. This happens because I started before Paul did and because I'm also in that same outer right leg as my upline.

So when Paul shows up in my downline I get his points too because of the "first come, first served" concept. It's this reason why most people generate a stronger leg. The left leg is the 'break' and begins a new pyramid sort-of-speak by beginning to build your left side.

As far as 7K's business model is concerned (I assume) there is money built into to the Autosaver purchase to pass commissions to your team. But like I said above, even if this "passing commissions" is not true, the Autosaver is still worth every penny to me!

I know on the other hand it's one of two ways to remain active in 7K's compensation plan. The other way to remain active is to sponsor someone directly.

Although 7K Metals presents a phenomenal opportunity, the world of metals is not a quick return investment deal. Think of these precious metals as an asset.

An insurance policy against fiat collapse. 

7K coins are the highest grade in existence. 

7K Metals Membership Cost

Think of 7K Metals as an Amazon membership for gold and silver buyers. You can get started with 7K for as low as $199/year. However, it's recommended you come in at the premium level for $499/year. 

You can watch the videos here to see how we are making money every week from home on autopilot.

Ready to join my team? Click and lets get started.

This article was published on 20.09.2021 by CyberStarr, Inc
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