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So I googled "Work from home jobs in Canada" today (November 20th) there are 37, 000 available options on! 2021's remote work stats state that before this pandemic, 4.7 million people were already working remotely!  That's INSANE! So it got me digging deeper....seeing as this is MY business announcement, do you know the top 10 of 100 "BEST MLM companies to join" were??? According to the 1 sole writer of this content in their point of view, my company came in at 51st. In 10th place - forever Living, 9th - Nu Skin, 8th - Coway.......Perhaps these companies exist....but #1, surprisingly, Amway!  This company has been around forever (1959 actually). But here's the thing, lets put companies into reality. 

What are today's NEEDS?

I know this seems like a long winded intro, and WE are the people wanting to promote our businesses, and I'm getting there...but did you know - 1)Food, 2)Clothes, 3)Home and 4)Communication are the most common needs of people in daily life? Here's the twist...

Top 10 list of things people want:  10-more pleasure, 9-popular, 8- not be lonely, 7- be comfortable, 6-children to live longer, 5-learn something new, 4- look better, 3-save time, 2- save money, 1 - high paying job! 

So there you have it....of this top 10 list, and combined with what I've learned, I now know that my company should be rated at # 6 of the top 100. 

Let's deduce backwards: 

  • Our company has 9 of the 10 things people want!
  • Our company utilizes 1 of the 4 most daily needs (communication)
  • Our company started in 1972 (turning 50 in 2022) and will become one of the most needed services people will need, starting within the last 20 months! 
  • Our company can provide for almost all of the population of North America....p.s. we already protect 4.4 million people!  
Amway, Can NOT do any of this. How do I know? No google search....Pure TRUTH (with a hint of instinct, and a pinch of reality)!  Don't believe me? Watch our opportunity video and find out...go here to get that answer!

PS, The most insane comp plan you will ever see in an MLM! I hope you enjoyed my "DID YOU KNOW" blog/post/announcement....RIGHT, the ANNOUNCEMENT - Sign up Before the end of November, to take advantage of the $50 Business Builder Bundle (normally 99 dollar sign up fee)!

This article was published on 21.11.2021 by Jeremy Denesovych
Author's business opportunity:

Legal Shield - Legal/ID protection, 99 USD to join

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