Looking for a good legitimate online business? Sick & Tired Of Scams?

Why I am in AdPackPro? 

I have done my due diligence before I joined. I am not here to benefit in short term and waste my time, money and trust. I am here to gain respect and trust with my APP partners in longterm. 

This story stems from a Swiss company that is ONEVISION HOLDING AG newly founded in mid-2015, in the German language and its just starting to use English at the end of april 2016.

OneVision Holding AG is a Registered Holding Company In Switzerland. (In a nutshell: This is a serious company, a German company - Switzerland, registered / legality strong in countries swiss as a HOLDING COMPANY, very transparent degan management team of professional and clear. Systems purchases AdPack and withdraw NOT using e-currency, it shows OneVision Holding AG is not the company abal abal)

About OneVision Holding AG Registry Details:


To Know More About "OneVision Holding AG" visit:


The company has a product called ADPACKPRO which is ADPACKPRO Tools For advertising to bring traffic and increase SEO Google on our website.

We discuss ADPACKPRO deals before yes, by buying 1 AdPack for € 25 we would get:

- Cashback € 30 (€ 5 profit)

- Guarantee 10000 view and

- 100 clicks, visitors to our web

Here we see:

We can advertise / promotion but profitable because there cashback 120%

Cashback is paid 24x per day (* terms to get cashback must click 10 ads / day), continuously until reaching € 30 cashback. After that it is up to us pull / withdraw or buy AdPack again.

In addition there are program members get members 2 levels:

Bonus links directly 11% (Level 1)

Bonus Level 2: 7%

* Bonus obtained continuously every time a member makes a purchase <--- THIS AMAZING

** Work while, we could retire young with passive income for life !!

Be very CAREFUL with unreliable Rev-shares programs those using 3rd party payment processors like paypal, payza etc.. 

Thousands of people have been hurt by freezing accounts and losing their money, so join with us and get paid to your bank account directly..

* Ad Pack cost 25euro

* Earn every 1 hourly 24 times a day

* No E currency processor hectic, supports Bank cards & Bank Payouts

* No Selling / Products Involved

* 18% Referral Income, 2 Levels deep

* Backed up by company own MasterCard

* Registered in Swiss Stock Exchange

Mode of payment: All kinds of Bank cards, Bank Transfer""(No Paypal, Payza etc hectic)


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This article was published on 23.07.2016 by Shin Yin Han
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OneVision Holding AG - Advertising Cashback, Free to join

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