Use These 10 Strategies To Increase Your Signup Rate In Your MLM Business


You must have a plan, and specific strategies in place if you want to build a MLM business.

There are massive amounts of people out there who will join you if you can only find them and get to them first.

So in today's business announcement, I will be sharing with you several strategies you can use to build a MLM business much quicker.

Just remember one thing...

Always start with one strategy and don't add another until you "get it" with the first one. Once leads begin coming in from the first strategy, consider adding the 2nd one. Soon, you have lots of leads pouring in from many places.

MLM Strategy 1: Active Prospecting

Active prospecting is a good way to get new people. Works on a local scale, but if you invite those you meet to look at your business presentation, you will begin seeing results. I had a signup of a professional I prospected in person weeks ago, so sometimes they take a while before they are ready to commit. 

MLM Strategy 2: Genealogy Leads

Using leads that are proven to have interest in MLM is a good way to build around the world. You can sit behind your desk all day making calls and eventually find your person everyday. Add using genealogy leads to your list of strategies as soon as possible and begin working them.

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MLM Strategy 3: Social Media

Just prospecting on social media everyday, for a specific amount of time will help you get better at pulling in new leads and business partners from the social online world. Post valuable content on your profiles, and people will begin talking to you about your business.

MLM Strategy 4: Blogging

To me, nothing is more important than owning your own website and/or blog. It allows you to post content onto your own name, and really converts well when you learn to drive traffic to it. By adding new content on a regular basis, you will see that having your own blog can do a lot for your business alone.

MLM Strategy 5: Video Marketing

If you are going to create content, you know you need to use videos too. Creating a new video with every blog post you make can double your effectiveness in time. The more videos you have online, the more people will find you, and like what you put out. Put this into your to-do list and let business grow.

MLM Strategy 6: Article Marketing

One way to get new business partners online, is to use other platforms, like this one, to post new articles on. It helps with getting business partners, and building following on your social media platforms and blog.

MLM Strategy 7: Online Classifieds

Everyone knows of this, but do they use it? If you use online classifieds the right way, and get yourself a high converting template to use and share with others, you can see a really huge increase in business. It's an easy to learn strategy but know this, it works but will also bring a lot of bad leads. But that's no reason not to use it for the signups it will bring you.

MLM Strategy 8: Solo Ads

Don't have you own list yet? Pay someone else to use theirs. Solo ads can be a risky way to go, but they work well. Do your research and find the right vendor to use so you can begin seeing a constant flow of leads, or use it to build your own list.

MLM Strategy 9: List Building

With all strategies you put into place, you need to be using this one on default. Gathering names and emails of those who express interest in what you are doing or the products you have. Email the list on a regular basis and you will find there are always a few loyal customers and builders to be found in your list.

MLM Strategy 10: Social Media Paid Ads

There are several ways to advertise on social media, but we'll keep it as one strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest and more offer paid advertising that can really bring a lot of good quality leads and sales. Many people avoid this because of the fear of losing their investment. But don't fear, start off with a small amount, and build your way up as you learn more.

Already Using Some Of These MLM Strategies?

If you are already using any of the mentioned above (which at least one everyone should be), then leave a comment below and let us know which is the one that works best for you! Also, shoot me over a connection request and let's get connected here on MLM Gateway!

P.S Want to see how combining all the above strategies can grow a large team? And, that team will belong to you? Just take this free tour and see for yourself how quickly a MLM team can be built and even enjoy the benefits of it!

This article was published on 07.08.2018 by Jaye Carden
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